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Guidelines for setting up WhatsApp Display Name

Professional profile for Open An E-commerce Store On WhatsApp Business

Each WhatsApp Business Account will relegate a showcase name to the telephone number and submit it for audit by the WhatsApp group from your Business Manager. Show Name will appear to the User dependent on your sort of record.

Guidelines for Display Name

All display names ought to have a relationship with your business and ought not to disregard WhatsApp Commerce and Business arrangements. Having show names consistent with our rules is a necessity to send messages utilizing the WhatsApp Business API or meet all requirements for WhatsApp official business accounts.

The following are five standards for show names and direction for best practices to abstain from arranging blunders.


A display name ought not to disregard WhatsApp Commerce and Business arrangements. A model for a store that sells wine glasses:

  • Acknowledged: ABC Wine Glasses
  • Not acknowledged: ABC Wine

Inside your organization, you may have separate WhatsApp business represents various divisions; just those divisions that are consistent with WhatsApp’s Commerce Policy may have a WhatsApp business account.

The exact portrayal of your business 

  • A showcase name ought to speak to:
  • A business or its administration, item, or division

A test account or a demo record and it must keep up a relationship to the business (e.g., Fresh Produce Test)

A presentation name ought not to be:

  • A person’s complete name
  • A conventional term (e.g., Fashion)
  • A conventional geographic area (e.g., New York)
  • A trademark or a long portrayal

An association with an administration connection needs the WhatsApp group’s endorsement

Clear relationship with your business 

A display name must have an unmistakable relationship with your business (must be alluded to the business’ site or outer media references). For instance:

  • Acknowledged: Name of a cause referenced on a non-benefit association’s site
  • Not acknowledged: Name of a foundation not referenced on any outer sites

In the event that the connection between your organization and the brand isn’t self-evident, show the relationship utilizing “by [company name].”

  • Not acknowledged: Fruit Snacks (Fresh Produce possesses the Fruit Snacks brand however their affiliation isn’t referenced on any outer sites)
  • Acknowledged: Fruit Snacks by Fresh Produce

Try not to utilize the name of an administration organization or other outsider in your organization’s showcase name.

  • Not acknowledged: Alpha Agency for Fresh Produce

Consistency with outer marking 

A display name must have predictable marking with outer sources (e.g., an organization’s site or promoting). A model for a product offering named “New Produce Cold Pressed Juices”:

  • Acknowledged: Fresh Produce Cold Pressed Juices (how it is marked on your site)
  • Not acknowledged: Fresh Produce Juices (you changed marking by eliminating “Cold Pressed”)
  • Not acknowledged: FP Cold Pressed Juices (you added a contraction to the organization name conflicting with outside marking
Consistency with outer marking 
Clear relationship with your business
Clear relationship with your business

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