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It’s not required to sign up to log in SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM portal, you can directly login using the authorized trial/paid account provided by our Sales support team.

Notice: Uppercase and lowercase letters must match the login details.

SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM allows you to operate 5 WhatsApp acounts
simultaneously. Click the “+” sign on the upper left corner then scan the QR code through the
WhatsApp application to login.

System Language

You can operate the system in two languages: English and Mandarin,
change the language from the “Setting” button on the upper right corner.

1. You can instantly translate the received message into system language, click the upper right button,
opt for “Translate”, the received message will be automatically translated.

2. You can also use the inbuilt translator to convert your messages into any languages around the globe,
click on the “Sent” button and the converted messages will be sent out directly.

You can label your customers by creating tags of different colors and editing their profile.
The tag name can be added/removed/edited only from the admin console, login to WhatsApp SCRM admin console,
go to “ SCRM management — Client Profile Management ”,
you can add tags of various different category such as “Country”

Go to “Quick Replies” add a reply, input the content you frequently use.
Go to the corresponding category, click on the “+” sign, and click "Send" the message.

Go to the desktop client, click the "Setting" button, and turn on "Auto-Reply". When clients’ messages match the keywords you have set, your message will be sent automatically.