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4 Ways To Boost Customer Engagement & Marketing ROI Through SocialEpoch

On an average day, an individual comes across at least 4000 advertisements through various mediums. This definitely gives a person dozens of options to choose from. But it creates a challenge for businesses to create a loyal customer base. And even difficult to gain back marketing ROI through customer lifetime value.

Good products and superior customer service do help in building trust among customers. While it helps in retaining them for some time, this alone is not sufficient. That’s because it not every day that the same customer makes a purchase from you. And with such a high level of competitive marketing, they can easily forget about you. 

So, how can you assure that you always stay on the top of your customer’s preference list anytime they want to make a purchase?

It’s simple! By engaging with them. By frequently engaging with your customers, you can ensure that you always stay on your customer’s favorite list. And also add them to your loyal customer base so that your business can break even on the marketing  ROI.

SocialEpoch is a WhatsApp-based SCRM tool that helps you easily manage every stage of your marketing and sales funnel. It allows you to connect and engage with customers through a common platform. A platform they are already comfortable with, i.e. WhatsApp.

Top 4 ways SocialEpoch can boost Customer Engagement & Marketing ROI

Here are 7 ways you can boost your customer engagement and marketing ROI using SocialEpoch:

1. Run content-based campaigns on WhatsApp

Marketing ROI depends on many different factors, such as cost structure, your industry, market demand, etc. Additionally, your campaign determines your ROI. Such as a content-based campaign costs much less as compared to a PPC or video ad. Campaigns help build awareness among audiences. And eventually, attract new customers as well as engage with existing ones. 

With SocialEpoch, you can run content-based campaigns on WhatsApp. While it will be cost-effective, being an instant response messenger, it will also save a lot of time. WhatsApp-based campaigns give businesses the advantage of accessing customer networks and build a wider reach for demand creation. This will ensure better customer engagement and higher Marketing ROI.

2. Create content your audience wants

Content creation is one way you can ensure customer engagement and if done right can contribute generously to ROI.

Content can vary between different types. Such as personal one-to-one conversations, product updates, and notifications, promotional posts, upcoming product feedbacks, etc. Content can create an impact only if they are relatable to its audience and adds value for them. 

Here are certain guidelines for content creation and sharing through SocialEpoch:

i. Create valuable content

In order to improve engagement, you should aim to create content that is informative and adds value for your audience. Create content that is aimed at solving their problems or is informative. You should also consider giving good recommendations to them through it. 

ii. Keep your content user-centric

Whether you are sharing product information or sharing offers and updates. Make sure your content keeps your customer’s interest at the center of it. By sharing user-centric content, you can connect with your audience easily, and that too on a personal level.

iii. Conduct frequent surveys and polls

The best way to determine what your audience really wants and expects from your brand is to ask them directly. By conducting frequent surveys, polls, Q&A sessions, and webinars to communicate with your customers, you can get a clear picture of their expectations. Once you collect all the information, use it to analyze and identify common points that will help you understand their needs better. This will help you to create better and personalized content for them as well as improve the overall customer experience.

iv. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing can be a great way to target a large group of audience through content that they are interested in engaging. You can collaborate with influencers in your niche to create stellar content targeted at your audience. By creating content by partnering with an influencer, you open your brand to new prospects and leads.

For example, Fiji, a famous water brand, collaborated with Danielle Bernstein, a successful influencer who runs WeWoreWhat to promote their campaign.

3. Leverage automation technology

Marketing ROI through automation

Using technology to automate things is more than just saving time. Using automation technology, you can bring consistency and transparency in multi-team organizations. While it saves effort and time for redundant and monotonous tasks, it also allows to bring down staffing costs and lets you focus on more important tasks. Automation can help improve customer engagement & marketing ROI without much human intervention.

SocialEpoch Task manager and account manager feature lets you manage resources and tasks within the organization. In a few clicks and monitor the progress through a visual dashboard. The automated response feature helps boost productivity. It lets you respond to thousands of customer queries within minutes. To further simplify your daily tasks, the quick reply feature can provide instant responses to customers and speed up your processes effortlessly. 

Here are some other benefits of using automation technology:

a) Increase revenue by enhancing customer retention

b) Improve team accountability

c) Decrease staffing costs

d) Offer more space for creativity and boosts productivity

e) Help target potential customers with minimal effort

f) Save time by managing your social media campaigns

4. Predictive analysis

Predictive analysis is an essential component of the business. It helps in understanding customer behavior and planning marketing strategies so as to gain maximum ROI. By drawing maximum insights from massive datasets and various algorithms, you can see how your marketing campaigns and doing and plan future campaigns based on the insights. 

Predictive analysis helps in identifying potential leads. It helps in determining the ideal customer base which has the highest probability of conversations. Using the SocialEpoch dashboard, you can get a visual analysis of daily marketing activities. Such as customer engagements, and similar data which can help plan your marketing approach and gain better ROI. 

Concluding Words

With ever-changing marketing trends and customer engagement behavior, making consistent growth in marketing ROI can be a challenge. However, using social engagement tools like SocialEpoch, you can keep an eye on daily analytics and work on improving customer engagement and ROI using the above-mentioned techniques. 

Think SocialEpoch could be a perfect fit for your business or organization, you can download the tool here. You can also contact us to know more about the product and its features by dropping a mail at