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6 Reasons Why You Are Losing Credibility With Customers

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In a time when every business is going online, it’s easy to miss out on basic customer experiences that could hurt your business. Unlike offline marketing where customers show higher brand loyalty, the online business gives them much more options to pick from, raising the bar of customer experience real high. Building brand credibility requires a consistent long-term effort and can be seen as the primary vision for a brand. 

Often, a lot is discussed about how to gain customers and build your brand credibility around them. However, it’s more important to know the reasons why you could be losing credibility with your customers in the first place.  

Here are some of the most common ways brands are losing credibility with customers.

Top 6 Reasons Of Losing Credibility With Customers

To help you think about whether the response you give to your customers or your marketing approach is causing people to leave your brand, here’s a list of the quickest and most efficient ways to destroy your brand credibility.

1. Lack of satisfactory customer service

Losing Credibility With Customers due to poor customer service

Every time a customer reaches out to a customer service representative, they expect the business to listen to their concerns and provide appropriate solutions. It’s one of the most crucial moments when a business can build a good impression for its customers and prove its credibility. But failing to provide an appropriate response or in-time response can badly damage your brand reputation. 

More than 67% of customers who churn report unsatisfactory customer service.

WhatsApp can play a major role in ensuring in-time response and effective customer service as it acts as a two-way communication platform. You can use WhatsApp chats or calling feature to connect with you customer and address their concern instantly. This will not only boost your brand credibility, but it will also help you establish a strong personal bond with customers which will lead to long-term retention and higher ROI. 

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2. Low customer engagement

Low customer engagement

How frequently do you engage with your customers?

If it’s anything more than a week, low engagement could be the reason your customers do not find your business credible. Ideally, a business should engage at least  3 times a week in the form of text notifications, emails, or through app notifications. 

Considering the cust throat competition in the current market, a business should try every measure to stay at the top of their customer’s minds at all times.

WhatsApp-based SCRM like SocialEpoch can help you keep track of your follow-up schedule using the user persona database. You can engage with your customers through WhatsApp chats, group chats, or broadcast lists and ensure a consistent follow-up schedule. This will help strengthen the business-customer relationship and maintain brand credibility. 

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3. No feedback or customer surveys

Losing Credibility With Customers with no feedbacks or surveys

Customer feedback is as important as the product itself. But many businesses only focus on selling the product and totally ignore customer feedback about their product. This results in poor customer satisfaction levels and can also result in losing credibility with customers. 

Customer surveys and feedback give you the exact idea of how well your product is received in the market and how it can be improved or upgraded to bring in more customers.  

WhatsApp-based surveys can be the most effective way to get responses from your customers. WhatsApp has a message read rate of 98% which is much higher than any other medium. Sending out feedback requests or carrying out customer surveys on WhatsApp will get you instant responses. This activity will also make your customers feel that you care for their opinion and this, in turn, will help in building a positive brand image.

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4. Low product or brand visibility

Losing Credibility With Customers due to low brand visibility

Modesty is a virtue but when it comes to business, you really need to be out there to get brand visibility. Failing to identify your audience and marketing your products could be the main reason your customers oversee you. 

In order to build strong market visibility, you need to identify your target customers and position your products in the market in such a way that your target audience can easily spot you in the crowd.

Brand visibility can be built using several techniques and marketing methods. One of the most common techniques is WhatsApp-based campaigns. WhatsApp being one of the most widely used platforms across the globe, WhatsApp-based campaigns prove to have the maximum impact and can help your brand gain global visibility in a short span of time. Here are some of the most successful WhatsApp campaigns around the world. 

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5. Irrelevant marketing

Losing Credibility With Customers due to irrelevant marketing

Are you marketing oranges to customers interested in apple?

Well, failing to understand customer requirements and marketing them irrelevant products could be a major blunder which could instantly lead to losing credibility for your business.

Understanding customer’s interests and requirements and sending them personalized advertisements and notifications can help you boost your customer’s interest in your products and lead to more sales. 

WhatsApp-based SCRM  SocialEpoch has a feature that allows you to create customer personas. Customer personas which is a database of all necessary information about your customers can help you in keeping a record of their interests, buying history, geographic location, etc. This can help you curate personalized advertisements and product recommendations that are most relevant to them.

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6. No regular follow up

The job of the sales team does not end simply by closing a successful deal

The job of the sales team does not end simply by closing a successful deal. This is one common mistake that most businesses fail to realize and in the process lose a lot of customers. 

Pre-sale follow-ups can have a huge impact on the customers. It makes the customers feel that you actually care for them and this builds a bond of trust and credibility. It also positively affects the customers buying decisions and also creates opportunities for understanding their requirements better.

Post sale follow-ups are equally important for you as it gives you first hand experience of your customers. In case, your customers are facing some issue,  you get it resolved and earn their trust and credibility once again.

WhatsApp Business allows you to label your contacts as ‘New customer, new order, pending payment, paid, order completed’ and more. This helps you categorize your customers and schedule follow-ups accordingly.

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Building brand credibility is a long-term process and with the right tools and techniques, you can create a significant impact. WhatsApp and WhatsApp-based SCRM have become an essential part of every business. SCRM tools help businesses manage a large customer base, maintaining consistent engagement routines, and offer superior customer service. With the help of SCRM tools like SocialEpoch, businesses can reduce the risk of losing credibility with customers and build a long-term relationship with them.

To know more about SocialEpoch SCRM and its feature, click here or drop a mail at to get a free demo.