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7 Ways To Get New Customers For Your Business Using SocialEpoch

The impact of the instant messaging app WhatsApp is much more than anticipated. What started as a personal communication platform has opened a plethora of opportunities for individuals and businesses who wish to run their business online or find new customers through the platform. 

This disruptive behavior of WhatsApp has pushed more and more businesses towards social e-commerce. And as a result, even well-established businesses are joining WhatsApp to find new customers, connect and engage with them directly. With WhatsApp, you can get new customers, engage with them and turn them into paying customers easily. 

But before we get to the how of it, let’s understand how SocialEpoch plays a role in it.

SocialEpoch and its Role in WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp allows businesses to run their end-to-end operations and services through its platform. And as an individual running a business through WhatsApp, streamlining operations and ensuring maximum customer engagement is a necessity. 

SocialEpoch is a WhatsApp Business API-based CRM tool that accentuates the features of WhatsApp Business and allows streamlining several tasks. Here are the key features of SocialEpoch that add value to your WhatsApp Business Account:

i) 10 Simultaneous account login
ii) Visual analytics dashboard
iii) Task manager
iv) Account manager
v) Quick reply
vi) Multiple Automated responses
vii)Away messages
viii) Multi-Device login
ix) Keyword detection
x) Multilingual translation

With SocialEpoch, businesses can have a clear picture of the analytic of their WhatsApp marketing campaigns. This helps in identifying what works and what doesn’t and provides more efficient and precise services for customers. Especially when it comes to finding new customers, SocialEpoch aids in the four main aspects of the sales funnel.

1. Lead identification

SocialEpoch allows you to reach out to a large group of audience and send messages to even unsaved numbers. As a business, it acts as a huge advantage as it allows you to send messages in bulk. You can thus ask your audience if they are interested in getting updates and notifications about your products in the future. This can help you easily identify potential leads which can be converted to customers through time. Chatbots can also be deployed for the purpose and help you save time and effort in lead identification. 

2. Lead nurturing through engagement

Lead nurturing for new customers

You can use the automated response and quick reply feature to manage large contact lists. These features help you in automating your responses using templates or instantly sending pre-curated messages to a number of contacts within seconds. You can improve engagement through frequent content sharing and product notifications. In-time response and one-on-one conversations can help build trust around the brand and its products.

3. Advertising

Considering the high message open and read rates, WhatsApp proves to be one of the most effective marketing platforms. You can use SocialEpoch to send advertisement notifications to thousands of contacts with just a click. Advertisements in the form of new product launches, upcoming sales, seasonal discounts, and more can be promoted through the status feature which gets high visibility. 

4. Referrals

You can use your customer’s personal networks to invite new customers using referrals. SocialEpoch allows you to create a shareable link using the link generator. This code can be shared in groups or business bio to invite new customers as referrals. 

7 Ways To Get New Customers For Your Business Using SocialEpoch

Here are some of the top techniques you can use on SocialEpoch to get new customers for your business:

1. Create Broadcast Lists

Create topic-specific broadcast lists and blast one-way communications with your audience. Design content to increase engagement and add links or invitations in your messages.  

2. Take Advantage of Group Chat

Group chats are a great way to get your audience involved. Messages in group chats are shared among all members of a group and get them t participate in discussions, feedbacks, or fun games can do your business a lot of good. Group chats are especially useful when conducting focus groups or performing market studies prior to a product launch.

3. Free of Cost Messaging

With WhatsApp, you can exchange messages to just about anyone, anywhere in the world free of cost. WhatsApp is a free service that allows users to create groups, send each other unlimited images, video, and audio media messages. This simple advantage has big benefits for both users and marketers. If you are trying to reach an international audience, WhatsApp can easily breach international borders and help you get customers from any corner of the world. 

4. Superior Customer Support

With WhatsApp, you can provide in-time responses and give personalized suggestions and advice.

WhatsApp can be used on mobiles as well as desktops. This makes it convenient for business teams to manage and respond to multiple customers at the same time. Using WhatsApp, you can establish a personal bond with customers to understand their expectations and interests and use it to provide accurate customer are and excellent customer experience.

5. Creative Promotions and Campaigns

WhatsApp-based campaigns trigger a much higher response and get huge engagement in a short span of time. Something, that no other social media platform can achieve. WhatsApp-based media is easy to share and engage with. This makes it an ideal choice to share creative promotions and marketing campaigns and make a huge impact on the masses. 

6. Engage over Phone Calls

With WhatsApp, your potential customers are just a phone call away. You use the platform to make sales calls and need not set up a high-end infrastructure for the sales team.  Now you can address customer inquiries or connect your sales executive with customers directly over a call. 

7. Maintain Quality Content

WhatsApp does not limit you on the size or type of your content. Make the most of this advantage by sharing engaging and relevant content with your audience. Everybody likes to consume relevant and useful information, especially if it’s free. Make your messages short and powerful so that your audience stays interested and likes to stay around longer.

Concluding words

In a time when Social media platforms have become an indispensable part of our lives, using WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business based API to market your brand or products can help you gain new customers easily. With the discussed techniques, you can give your business an edge and stand out among the crowd. 

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