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A comprehensive guide to social selling and overcoming common social selling challenges

A comprehensive guide to social selling and overcoming common social selling challenges

The emergence and growth of social selling have become one of the biggest online selling changes. It helps salespeople and marketing personnel to build positive relationships with prospects. Moreover, social selling can also increase business credibility. It also offers a quicker way to connect with your potential customers online.

However, changes in selling ways don’t come up without any challenges. Social selling has its types of challenges. An effective social selling strategy with the right solutions can help you reach your business goals faster. You can utilize our mentioned social selling solutions to make your processes smoother and more efficient.

Current problems businesses usually face when social selling

Are you ready to see some of the biggest social selling challenges in the market? If you are struggling with social selling and business growth, you aren’t alone in the process. Industries are experiencing fierce competition. Multiple brands are trying to attract 71% of consumers on different social media channels.

Moreover, new expectations wave from your prospects and the emergence of new social networks add more to the complexities. Combined, these things make it difficult to get into social selling and build your brand’s presence. At the same time, it is becoming harder for brands to stand out.

Although there are multiple challenges that businesses face while social selling. However, we have listed some of the most important ones here. Let’s get to know more about these.

So, here we go:

· High advertising costs

A variety of social media platforms are available out there. These platforms cost varying advertising costs based on different factors. For instance, Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms having millions of active users daily. The platform also boasts a higher sales engagement rate than other social platforms.

This social media platform can also offer businesses a new way to boost social selling and reach new consumers. However, at the same time, this competitive advantage can also cause higher advertising costs. Facebook has monthly ad spend criteria. So this can eventually result in higher advertising costs, especially when you don’t know the best strategy for precise targeting.

Moreover, about 50% of the world is now on social media platforms. Therefore, it is no surprise that advertising costs will double in the coming years.

· Inability to reach a larger audience on social media

Salesman faces quite a few challenges in their daily operations, especially when it’s about reaching a larger audience on social media. This is truer because people don’t know if they are leveraging the right tools. Social media platforms are their monsters that require continuous efforts to reach a larger audience.

Different social media platforms serve different purposes. Consequently, the audience utilizes these channels for certain reasons accordingly. Therefore, managing different social media accounts and reaching a broader audience is challenging, even with the right strategy.

· Lower customer retention and conversion rates

Although buyers on social media platforms prefer buying from trusted and reliable brands. However, some salespeople still find it difficult to improve their customer retention and conversion rates. The increasing competition is the basic reason behind this.

Moreover, social media platforms are constantly evolving. These are rising new customer engagement tactics constantly. This is mainly to accommodate the fast-paced lifestyles of their consumers. Brands that fail to keep up with these trends usually experience lower engagement, conversion, and customer retention rates.

· Loss of digital assets due to account suspension

 Keeping up with social media platforms rules is another biggest challenge in social selling. At times it becomes harder for the salesperson to track the social algorithms while focusing on getting seen. Seeing your account suspended for an unknown reason is heartbreaking in this hustle. Account suspension hits you hard, both mentally and financially. You usually lose all your digital assets following an account suspension. Consequently, you just stay there thinking about what happened empty-handed.

Key social selling solutions by SocialEpoch

Arguably, meeting social selling challenges is difficult. However, having the right social selling solutions can help you here. SocialEpoch offers you key Salestech and Martech tools to overcome these challenges in the best possible way.

Here we will explore how SocialEpoch’s Salestech and Martech tools can help you here.

So, here we go:

Sales intelligence

Sales intelligence

We live in an era where people prefer communicating over text to calling your business. Fortunately, the Facebook SalesTech tool by SocialEpoch can save you here. Here are the key ways to use Facebook sales intelligence and actively reach your social selling goals.

· AI social prospecting

SocialEpoch Facebook Marketing Tool offers the very first-of-its-kind AI social prospecting solution. Using this solution requires no added effort. However, you can enjoy hyper-growth in social selling more effectively.

Usually, social prospecting is done manually, which takes a lot of time. The salesperson has to manage everything independently, from research to messaging. However, Facebook SCRM uses AI to automate social prospecting for your benefit.  

· Scraping and list building

At the same time, SocialEpoch Facebook marketing automation tool can also help you in social media scraping and list building. Automated social scraping and list building can help you in multiple ways. These include:

  • It will help you to get your business insights with fewer resources and quickly.
  • Gain access to business intelligence in real time.
  • Build more quality leads by spending less amount.
  • Effectively monitor and participate in your brand talk.
  • Boost your conversion rate and deliver better results in the best possible way.

Accurate and timely scraping and list building with Facebook marketing automation tool can impact your brand sales incredibly. The process can also help you in effective decision-making and smooth operations. The AI automation tool for scraping and list building can quickly help you to gain key insights. Consequently, you can make smarter marketing, financial, and organizational decisions.

Proactive social engagement

Proactive social engagement is a must to ensure success in social selling. Fortunately, here we have one of the best social selling solutions to help you effectively manage proactive social engagement. This Facebook Marketing Automation tool will help you to have an efficient social strategy beforehand. It will ensure that each interaction on social media is helpful for your business and prospects.

The key to proactive social engagement is joining conversations around your business or brand name. Then you can utilize these efforts to direct your prospects to message you.

Here is how SocialEpoch Facebook Marketing Tool helps you with proactive social engagement more effectively.

· Combine RPA, MA, and AI

Fortunately, SocialEpoch Facebook Marketing Tool has effectively combined RPA (Robotic process automation) Tool with Marketing Automation Tool and AI. This Facebook RPA tool can help you to execute all the actions with a single key. Moreover, this technology, combined with marketing automation tools and AI, can help you to find better engagement opportunities.

You can then consider different tactics to engage the opportunities you have found effective.

Just like your physical community, the social media community also boasts a variety of people. You can get to know these better through these advanced technologies. Ultimately, you will have better ways to know your prospects on social media platforms. This practice will also help you to curate your content accordingly to draw these toward your business.

· Improved lead coverage and boosted team productivity

Moreover, SocialEpoch Facebook Marketing Tool also provides you with efficient technology-led Facebook marketing and Sales tool. The tool can help you better control your leads with the power of artificial intelligence and marketing automation.

You can get to know where these leads are coming from and how you can better target them to improve lead coverage.

Moreover, SocialEpoch Facebook Marketing Tool can also help you work collaboratively with your teams. This practice will consequently help boost team productivity in the best possible way.

Community-led sales

SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM offers you a better way to reach your prospects. Community-led growth is arguably a go-to marketing strategy for every social selling team. This practice helps businesses and salespeople to build customer relationships, trust, brand loyalty, and advocacy.

Community-led sales are arguably one of the most powerful ways to grow your business and improve its bottom line.

SocialEpoch WhatsApp CRM is an all-in-one solution that you can consider for social selling on WhatsApp. The tool can benefit your business in the following ways:

· Leads Research and Segment

Appropriate lead research and segmentation are vital aspects of a successful social selling strategy. This tactic helps in converting your leads into paid customers more effectively. Regardless of the industry you operate in; your target customers are a mix of people having varying needs. Their needs can change as they move along your product-buying process.

Fortunately, you can segment your leads and deliver messages per their needs to convert them.

· Manage customers and leads all on WhatsApp SCRM

SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM is a great Sales Management Software to have. This solution can empower your team and manage customers from one place. The tool can improve productivity and help you respond more quickly to prospects.

· Close more deals and preserve digital customer assets securely.

SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM also offers a smart chatbot solution. You can use this tool to respond to 500 messages every day. Moreover, you can also use this B2B Sales Tool to respond to your prospects quickly and close more deals. You can also get the digital assets of your customers more securely.

Customer retention

SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM is also an amazing automation tool to help you improve your customer retention. A majority of people read their WhatsApp messages. Therefore, social selling with WhatsApp is one of the best ways to convert your prospects into paying customers and improve customer retention rates.

  • You can build a positive relationship with your customers by reaching them from time to time through messages.
  • WhatsApp SCRM can also help you to build customer trust and loyalty.
  • Consequently, this will increase their purchase rate significantly.

SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM is an all-in-one solution for businesses that want to grow their social selling.

3 Moats to help shape your business

Social selling is increasing. Most businesses have started focusing on this business technique to improve their sales. This popularity of social selling has also increased competition in the market significantly.

Here we have 3 different moats that can help you shape your business and stand out among the competition.

Let’s look at these 3 moats below and know how these can help you shape your business.

So, here we go:

SocialEpoch SCRM 

SCRM helps in storing data of your prospects or customers, such as their contact information, etc., in one central location. You can then use the SCRM solution to instantly manage and respond to your prospects from a single platform. This practice will help you connect with all your prospects from a central location.

Customer Data Platform

Using a customer data platform is a cure for your organization’s customer data gap. However, marketers already using different systems to collect data need a more efficient solution.

For this, you can create a central database containing your customers’ data at every touchpoint and interaction with your service or product.  

Marketing automation

With the growth of your business, you need to improve its efficiency and productivity. We believe that keeping up with your growing customer base and their demands is hectic. Fortunately, marketing automation is the best way to get help in this scenario.

Marketing automation can manage your routine tasks efficiently and quickly. Efficient marketing automation tools can help you to create personalized marketing campaigns based on the segmented database. You can increase your productivity and stay focused on other core business processes.

Final Thoughts

Within a few years, social selling has become one of the most popular online selling approaches. Most businesses use this approach to grow through social selling techniques. Although social selling seems an easier selling technique. However, it boasts some key challenges also.

Fortunately, SocialEpoch has brought innovative and technology-led social selling solutions for businesses. Businesses can easily rely on these Martech and Salestech tools to improve their business growth and bottom lines.