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Benefits And Use Cases Of WhatsApp CRM Remarketing in Ecommerce

WhatsApp has come a long way from being one of the most popular personal messaging apps to a quintessential tool for modern-day marketing in the form of WhatsApp Business. Having close to 2 billion users worldwide, it is one of the most widely used platforms with users across 106 nations and all age groups. 

With WhatsApp Business, businesses across the world have the means to reach out to those customers that were otherwise non-reachable through offline or online marketing. WhatsApp Business aids businesses with every step of the sales funnel such as pre-sale, post-sale marketing as well as CRM. WhatsApp Business is a platform that allows e-commerce businesses to remarket products through social marketing and reach out to a much wider customer base. 

Understanding WhatsApp CRM Remarketing

WhatsApp CRM Remarketing is a marketing technique in which businesses use the WhatsApp platform to establish a strong customer relationship. The customers further remarket the products from the business through personal networks or via social platforms. This allows businesses to sell to a wider customer base without relying on websites or high-end marketing techniques.  

As for the customers, buying directly from businesses helps them in earning a reasonable margin or getting the product at a much lower price. 

CRM remarketing gives businesses the advantage of gaining customers through personal networks and social marketing and leads to higher conversion rates. It also allows businesses to connect with customers on a personal level to understand requirements and customer expectations and deliver services accordingly. 

Benefits Of WhastApp CRM Remarketing In Ecommerce

Here are some of the benefits of using WhatsApp as a CRM and remarketing tool in e-commerce:

1. Cost-effective medium for e-commerce

WhatsApp is a free messaging app that provides businesses a platform to connect with people on a personal level and promote and sell their products. Businesses no longer need to depend on expensive marketing and advertising campaigns. From finding customers to promoting and selling products to receiving payments, everything can be done on the same platform. This saves businesses a massive portion of their infrastructure and marketing costs and proves to be the most cost-efficient medium for e-commerce businesses.

2. WhatsApp marketing helps reach a wider audience

WhatsApp is a place where we usually connect with people we know in person. And considering that it has a large and diverse user base, it’s earlier for people to connect with each other irrespective of their nationality or geographic location.  Any product recommendation or suggestion coming from people we know creates builds our trust in the product as well. This helps in helps in building larger networks of customers through social marketing and leads to a higher rate of conversions.

3. Reduces role of websites or e-commerce apps

WhatsApp acts as a one-stop solution for businesses where they can find potential leads, promote and sell products, carry out transactions, and provide customer care services. Businesses no longer have to rely on websites or applications to gain traction. They can carry out end-to-end business operations through a single platform and reach out to a large audience instantly.

4. Strong Personal relationship with customers

Unlike any other medium, WhatsApp provides a two-way communication channel. This allows businesses to interact with customers and gain their insights and feedback regarding the products and services. By engaging in one-to-one conversations, businesses can establish a strong personal bond. This helps in identifying potential customers and gain customer loyalty and long-term retention. Also, personal interactions help businesses in understanding customer expectations and involve them in decisions to improve overall customer experiences

5. Convenient medium to share product and other information

WhatsApp CRM Remarketing -share products

WhatsApp allows sharing of images, videos, documents, contact details, live location as well as exchange voice, and video calls with any WhatsApp user in the world. This makes it extremely convenient for businesses to share product information or any other media with their customers. Customers can easily share it further with their network with a simple click.  This ease of use makes it the best platform for marketing products to a large group of customers.  

6. Easy to provide in-time pre-sales and post-sales services

WhatsApp makes it easy for businesses as well as customers to get in touch with each other for presale queries and post-sale services.  Customers can simply drop a message to get an instant response from the business and get the issue resolved. They no longer have to go through the dreadful experience of calling up customer helplines and wait to get help.

From the business point of view, WhatsApp helps provide instant responses and personalized customer care to customers and gain their trust and loyalty. 

Use Cases of WhatsApp CRM Remarketing in Ecommerce

WhatsApp CRM remarketing in e-commerce finds its use case in two major business models:

1. B2B business models

The B2B or Business to business model is the one in which big businesses sell to smaller businesses. In this model, businesses target a small group of customers who can further sell their products to end consumers.

DotPe is one such example of B2B business that allows individuals or smaller businesses to sell products through WhatsApp. 

2. B2C business models

In B2C or business-to-customer models, businesses sell their products to customers. The customers can further sell the product to their personal networks using WhatsApp. One prominent example of such as business is Meesho. Meesho allows individuals and small businesses to buy products directly from wholesalers. The buyers then sell them further to end buyers through WhatsApp. It allows sharing product catalogs and delivering products to end customers through its platform. 

Concluding words

WhatsApp is slowly changing the course of e-commerce marketing by giving small businesses the chance to sell their products via WhatsApp. This has pushed a lot of businesses to come online and find newer markets for their products. SocialEpoch is a WhatsApp API-based CRM that adds more features to your WhatsApp. It makes marketing, CRM, and task management for your business more manageable. To learn more about it, click here.