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How SocialEpoch Can Benefit The Real Estate Business

If you are into the real-estate business or know someone who is an agent, broker, property consultant, buying or selling a property, you must be aware that it takes a lot of phone calls, e-mails, site visits, and follow-ups before a deal is closed. Going through all this process on a regular basis can be a harrowing task.  By using SocialEpoch in real-estate businesses, you can automate most of your day-to-day activities and focus more on providing excellent customer service.

But before we discuss more on how SocialEpoc can benefit the real-estate business, let’s first know more about SocialEpoch. 

What is SocialEpoch

SocialEpoch is a CRM-based marketing automation tool that is based on WhatsApp and allows businesses to manage and execute marketing and sales processes. Real-estate businesses can use the platform on any device and target a large number of customers through a platform they are familiar with. WhatsApp is the most widely used social platform and has the highest message open rate.

Through SocialEpoch, your real-estate business can approach leads on a personal level and offer customized services and boost customer experience.

Key features of SocialEpoch:

1 . SocialEpoch provides cloud document storage which keeps all your essential documents and data safe.

2. SocialEpoch allows you to use up to 10 WhatsApp accounts simultaneously and integrate chats between different departments or processes on the same tool. 

3. Marketing Automation Integration through SocialEpoch allows businesses to run marketing campaigns, share advertisements and product updates, and carry out CRM processes using the same tool. 

4. The best feature of SocialEpoch is that it can run entirely on mobile and makes it easy for you to manage customer notifications on the go. The messaging app also allows you to provide customer services in real-time. 

5. SocialEpoch also works as a task management tool and can help big enterprises manage tasks between teams and keep all processes in sync. 

Why SocialEpoch is A Necessity for Real-Estate Businesses

Buying or selling a property involves a high cost and hence requires a lot of reconsiderations, convincing, and details sharing. This is a long and tedious process for an agent has to go through every single day for each client. 

Moreover, customers have plenty of questions to ask and if they are even slightly unhappy with the response or face any delay, they quickly walk away. 

For an agent, it becomes difficult to keep track of buyer and seller details and complete property details. Many times, the customer speaks an entirely different language and it becomes difficult for you to have conversations. 

Here are 6 ways SocialEpoch can help solve these problems and prove to be an absolute necessity for your real-estate business:

1. Product Catalog

With SocialEpoch, real-estate agents can create a product catalog and list all properties available on the market with all necessary details mentioned. Every time a customer enquires about it, he/she can simply share the catalog with them. 

2. Quick Reply

SocialEpoch has a Quick-reply feature that allows you to send pre-curated messages to a large group of people instantly. It can save you a lot of time and effort and help you respond to similar queries to a large group of people instantly.

3. Smart chat-bot

Using SocialEpoch’s smart chat-bot you can give your customers supreme customer care and gain maximum retention and lifetime customer loyalty. WhatsApp chatbots can help you engage in personal one-to-one conversations. It can understand them better and provide a much better customer experience. 

4. Auto-Reply

You can use the auto-reply from the admin console based on one or several keywords. Go to Auto-reply Settings, input your keywords relevant to the answer, choose the match type, input your auto-reply message content

5. Account Activity Monitoring

SocialEpoch allows multi-account login. It becomes necessary to keep a track of all activities going on in all the accounts to keep everyone on the same page. To tackle this problem, it provides activity logs that reflect all the latest activities and help team members avoid repeating the same tasks.

6. Multilingual Translator

You can overcome the language barrier using SocialEpoch’s multilingual translator feature. This feature allows you to select the target language for your communication and gives you the choice of selecting the native language for your clients. 

Communicating with your client in their native language will help you a strong bond with your customers.

5 Use Cases of SocialEpoch in Real-Estate Business

Here are 5 use cases where SocialEpoch can prove to be really useful and help:

1. Lead Generation

Lead generation in a real estate business can be quite exhaustive considering the cutthroat competition. As a client, you need to make your customers feel special and hold effective communication. SocialEpoch can help you connect with a large number of leads and engage with them based on their interests and preferences. This can boost your chances of converting them into customers.

2. Document sharing

You no longer have to visit your client or customer to get the documents required. With SocialEpoch, you can easily exchange all documents with your clients and customers as and when required. This can save a lot of your time and effort and pace up things for your firm. 

You can also share the contact details and location of the property and make it easier for your clients to find the property while visiting them.

3. Payment Reminder

Pestering clients with payment reminders over and over again can be a little daunting task. SocialEpoch lets you set the calendar to send automatic reminders for any due payment to your clients. Now you no longer have to remind them for payments in person and save more time for more important things.

4. Buyer persona

When you are handling a large number of clients at the same time, you are bound to mix up information or miss out where you left your last conversation. SocialEpoch can help you keep track of all your conversations with multiple clients. You can also use labels to uniquely identify each client and continue your conversation seamlessly.

 Another major use of SocialEpoch is that you create a buyer persona for every client on your contact list with all relevant information. Every time you have a conversation with them, you can refer to their persona and guide your conversations based on their interests, This can lead to better chances to conversion and help you build a good rapport with your clients.

5. Customer care and Post-sale support

As an agent, your role does not end with closing a deal. Customer care and post-sales services are a crucial part of any business. It helps in building a strong brand image and build trust among its customers. SocialEpoch can be your CRM tool and help carry out one-on-one conversations with your customers for effective customer care services. The best advantage of all is that you will be able to provide your current and potential customers with quality and instant attention, which will add points to your business.

SocialEpoch has helped several agents and brokers to find new ways to communicate with their audience create value for yourself and your business. The WhatsApp marketing approach based SocialEpoch can benefit the real estate businesses to grow their business and client base effortlessly.