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How to Detect and Reduce Customer Churn Rate With SocialEpoch

No matter how good you are at your business or how well you treat your customers, there will be times when you have to face customer churn. And no matter how outstanding your customer service is, you cannot avoid it completely. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t reduce customer churn. Customer churn is a common phenomenon and can be minimized if you have the right tools and efficient techniques at your disposal. WhatsApp Business API-based SocialEpoch ticks the right boxes when it comes to an effective customer service tool. It connects businesses with customers through WhatsApp messaging platform and encourages two-way communication. This helps in building a stable relationship with customers, build brand loyalty and offer a superior customer experience to customers.

SocialEpoch helps in keeping a track of customer interactions and sales analytics that aids in the early detection of customer churn and can help you prevent it. But before we get to the how of it, let’s understand the basics of customer churn.

What is customer churn and why do customers do it?

Customer churn is the phenomenon where the customer or a subscriber stops doing business with you.

A customer may have several reasons for doing so. The most common reasons are not finding the product or service as per their expectations, lack of appropriate knowledge base for customers to refer, no option to exit a service, or bad customer service experience.

How do you identify customer churns?

Customer churn can be identified in one or more of the following ways:

o The total number of customers lost during a specific period.

o Percentage of customers lost during a specific period.

o Recurring business value lost.

o Percentage of recurring value lost.

How is the churn rate calculated?

The churn rate can be calculated as follows:

For a business, it crucial to have a low churn rate as it can negatively affect the ROI of the business and lead to high loss.

Why is having a low churn rate necessary?

Businesses invest a lot of money in finding leads and nurturing them to make them a customer. This cost adds to the cost of sales and marketing also known as the customer acquisition cost. High churn leads to higher CAC & reduced revenue.

A consistently high churn rate will require a business to pump more money towards CAC. This will lead to a  loss in revenue and even earn a bad reputation for the business. The more customers you churn, the more money you must spend to recoup the loss of business by finding new ones.

7 Tips On How to Reduce Customer Churn With SocialEpoch

SocialEpoch, as a WhatsApp-based CRM tool, can help you connect with your customers closely to identify the cause of customer churn and work towards improving the churn rate. Here are 7 tips to do so:

1. Understand the reasons for customer churn

reason for customer churn

The foremost important step to reduce customer churn is to identify the reason behind it.  SocialEpoch helps you keep a track of your sales analytics and identify customers who have churned. You can connect with your customers and have frequent follow-ups to learn their reason for churn. Once you have identified the most common reason for customer churn, you can work on resolving it.

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2. Engage with your customers proactively

customer engagement to avoid customer churn

The worst mistake that you can make as a business is to not engage with your customers. Your customers may have expectations from you. By engaging with them, you can get a clear idea of what they expect from your business. You can on fulfilling their expectations and lower the churn rate.

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3. Educate your customer

Educate your customer

One of the many reasons for customers to churn is the lack of proper knowledge about your product or service. For many customers, having a comprehensive self-service knowledge base can disentangle stuck users prevent them from churning. With SocialEpoch, you can share detailed knowledge bases with your customers and provide them any additional knowledge through the messenger tool.   

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4. Keep them updated with new offers and updates

Keep them updated with new offers and updates

There are thousands of businesses that are competing for your customer’s attention every single day. In order to beat the competition and hold a prominent place in your customers’ minds, you need to keep them engaged with frequent product updates and the latest offers. 

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5. Lean into your best customers

Lean into your best customers

Your best customers are your true assets and to keep them loyal requires more than frequent engagements and good customer service.  Loyalty comes from persistence in quality service and a committed relationship. Never fail to make your best customers feel special. Small gestures such as greetings on special occasions, loyalty rewards, and personalized notifications may not hurt your business but will help you win your best customer’s heart and retain them for a long time and keep your churn rates to a minimum.

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6. Target the right audience

Target the right audience to avoid customer churn.

Randomly targeting large audiences may lead to investing a lot of CAC on people who may be our ideal customers and thus lead to high customer churn rates. In order to have a high retention rate, you must identify your ideal customers and target them accordingly. Using SocialEpoch’s link generation feature, you can have your probable customers connect with you. This will reduce the effort and customer acquisition cost and increases the chance of converting them to customers.

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7. Stay competitive with customer service

Stay competitive with customer service

The importance of good customer service can never be overlooked. Great customer service helps in gaining the customers’ trust and leads to long-term retention. WhatsApp-based CRM like SocialEpoch allows your customers to reach out to you through WhatsApp in case of any customer grievance or help.  By providing in-time response using Quick reply or automated response feature, you can stay ahead of the competition and manage to keep your customer churn rates at a minimum. 

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Customer churn may be a part of the business. But it can be reduced to a minimum if businesses focus on higher customer engagement and track any reason that may contribute to customer churning. The above-mentioned tips can prove to be useful for businesses that are engaged in WhatsApp Commerce and aim to improve their ROI with reduced customer crunch. Especially with SocialEpoch which can be a game-changer and help them get an edge among competitors.

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