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How To Survive Market Competition and Earn Loyal Customers With Dark Social WhatsApp

In today’s times, where online stores and orders can be placed through dark social platforms like WhatsApp, businesses have to face cut-throat competition from rival businesses. If you are running a business, you really have to be at the top of the game to survive the market and earn loyal customers. But one thing that goes a long way is how you connect with your customers. 

We live in a digital era, where everything is available online with just a few clicks. People spend hours on websites and get everything home-delivered. This has pushed businesses towards a drastic change in the way they engage with customers.

While this digital change has left very little space for personal interactions between businesses and customers, it also leaves behind a digital footprint of customers that can help in understanding customer behavior and preferences better and improving customer experience. Let’s discuss how dark social WhatsApp is giving businesses an edge in market competition and earning loyal customers.

6 Ways Dark Social WhatsApp Can Help Win Your Market Battlefield

WhatsApp has further revolutionized the business-customer relationship by acting as a medium for direct interactions. It has further opened up avenues for businesses in various industries to use the platform to sell their products or provide exclusive customer care to its users. Having said that, here are some of the ways social marketing can be used to survive market competitions and earn loyal customers. 

1. Make your customers your first priority

When it comes to business, the customer comes first. You cannot sell a product that you want. You need to understand the market and customer behavior and build a product that can solve a problem for your customers. Keeping their interests and needs in mind can help you position your product in such a way that your customers can be intrigued by it. A business needs to plan product, sales and marketing approach, and customer service as per customer requirements

WhatsApp helps in establishing a personal bond with prospect leads and understand their needs and expectations with your business. The platform also allows you to give personalized attention to your clients making them feel special and build a strong relationship. 

2. Build a relationship of trust

In order to build a long-term relationship, you need to establish a relationship of commitment and trust with your customers. This can be achieved through consistent excellence in customer service and

Being there for them when they need you. WhatsApp allows businesses to be available for their customers at all times. 

It further helps in establishing a strong personal bond through one-to-one conversations. Personal bonding acts as a catalyst for customer loyalty and long-term retention and even in difficult situations.

3. Put your best foot forward

In business, sometimes you need to blow your own trumpet. If you really want to survive market competition, you need to show your best features through personalized messages. By building a customer base around your best products or your key USPs, you can stand out among the crowd. This will give your customers a clear reason to choose you over your competition. a

WhatsApp allows you to market yourself in a more subtle manner rather than sounding boastful. You can use a creative marketing approach to let your customers know that you are the best at what you do without being too obvious. You can use creative ways to include it in your regular conversations while still keeping your customers at the center of it.

4. Never ignore customer feedback

Dark social customer feedback

In competitive world customer feedback is very important. Many businesses which tend to ignore customer feedback end up performing badly and lose customers easily.  Customer feedback helps you identify the pros and cons of your product or service. By working on it, you can ensure that your customers have a happy experience with you.  Through feedback, you will find out more about the customer’s needs and expectations. This will help shape your product, service, or business approach accordingly. 

Another golden rule of handling customer feedback is that you should be prepared for negative feedback and respond to them with empathy. By replying to negative feedback with a reassuring response can help create a positive image for your brand. Dark social platfroms like WhatsApp allows you to get direct and detailed feedback from customers. It allows you to address their grievance personally and earn a loyal customer for the future. 

5. Focus on Customer engagement

Dark social Customer engagement

When it comes to customer engagement, there is no better place than WhatsApp. Through WhatsApp, you can invite customers and leads for personal one-to-one conversations and gain engagement. WhatsApp offers several ways which can ensure high customer engagements such as creative posts, group conversations, updates and notifications, referrals, and giveaways.

Higher customer engagement leads to higher conversions and better sales. Many businesses use the platform to invite users for fun contests, games, and polls. This helps in gaining brand awareness and build a buzz around the product. Especially if it’s done before a new product launch.  

6. Celebrate your loyal customers

Your loyal customers are special to you. Let them know that by celebrating it in the form of special gifts, offers, personal greetings, or even a shoutout on the social media platforms. This will make your loyal customers feel appreciated and will hang around longer. 

Customers prefer brands where they are treated well and are acknowledged. When it comes to WhatsApp, you can use the status feature to share appreciative posts for each of your loyal customers. This will help you earn special affection from them. Sharing appreciative posts for loyal customers will create a positive impact among existing customers and encourage them to be a part of the loyal customer base. 

Customers are the core of a business. And a business should make every possible effort to keep them satisfied with the product or service. WhatsApp helps in building a direct connection between businesses and customers. Dark Social platforms such as WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API based SocialEpoch can help in creating a strong business-customer relationship. Thus, helping in building customer loyalty and make a business stand out in the competitive market.