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How to Use Sales Technology for Social Selling

How to Use Sales Technology for Social Selling

Why use sales technology for social selling?

Use sales technology for social selling because it can help you:

  • Personalize the buyer journey. Sales technology provides real-time data about your prospects to make better decisions, including when and how often to message them. It also gives you access to information that wasn’t previously available, such as social media profiles and interests, which allows you to personalize content in a way that feels more authentic.
  • Reach prospects in a more targeted way than traditional marketing techniques. Traditional marketing methods are often impersonal (think ads), whereas social selling is all about building relationships with actual people and providing value at every stage of the buying cycle through individualized communications on specific channels where prospects spend their time online—beyond just email lists or websites! With all these new communication channels, it can get overwhelming quickly if not managed properly; that’s why using sales technology will help streamline this process so there’s no time wasted sending irrelevant messages because they’re based on real data rather than assumptions made by marketers who don’t have access to rich customer profiles like what’s available today through analytics software platforms found here at Salesforce PartnerCentral™ Marketplace – they’re designed specifically FOR Marketers (MFM) but also offer amazing value for everyone else too.

What is social selling?

Traditional salespeople are trained to do one thing: cold calls. They’re taught to call business prospects and introduce themselves, then convince that person that they need their product or service. This method has worked well in the past, but it’s not the only way to sell, and it certainly isn’t the best option for today’s buyers.

Social selling is an entirely new way of doing business. It’s about using social networks to find and connect with prospects who are already interested in buying your products or services—all without ever having met them face-to-face. Social selling is all about social media marketing (SMM), which includes things like posting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

How to use social selling techniques to find leads and prospects.

  • Use social selling technology to find leads and prospects.
  • Stay organized with prospecting and outreach.
  • Connect with prospects on LinkedIn.
  • Stay up-to-date on prospects with

Use to connect with prospects on LinkedIn. is a perfect solution for social selling. It allows you to find prospects on LinkedIn and connect with them, giving you an opportunity to build relationships with key decision-makers at the company. The Salesforce app also gives you insights into your prospects and lets you follow up with them after connecting.

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to stay up to date on prospects.

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to stay up to date on prospects. LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you find and connect with prospects, create targeted, personalized messages, track and measure your social selling activities, and more.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you stay up to date on prospects by providing access to information like a company’s revenue, the number of employees, and industry classification—all within one platform. The tool allows users to target companies based on these criteria so they can keep tabs on potential clientele as well as competitors. If there are any updates regarding any of the above information (such as new hires or changes in leadership), the user will receive an email notification immediately after logging into the tool

Use a CRM like or SocialEpoch to stay organized with prospecting and outreach.

A CRM is a database for your prospects and customers. It helps you keep track of your leads, prospects, and customers.

CRMs help you organize your outreach activities. They also help you stay informed about your prospects, so you can find out who they are, what their interests are, which companies they work for, and more.

You can use these tools to manage the information about each contact so that it’s available whenever needed. For example, if a prospect fills out an online form on your website with some basic information like name address, or email address then this info will be stored in the CRM as soon as possible so that when you need it again then all details are ready at hand immediately such as name address or email address, etc

Most importantly though these systems allow users to integrate all sorts of different tools into one place so everything can be managed from one central location instead of having separate apps that could get messy over time unless carefully managed properly which some people might not have time or energy resources available right now today but hopefully someone else out there does!

Sales technology helps personalize the buyer journey in a more targeted way than traditional marketing.

Social selling is a way to connect with prospects in a more personal way, but it also helps you understand their needs and interests. Social selling technology allows you to create tailored messages based on what your prospect has done or said on social media. This gives them an experience that’s more relevant than what they get from traditional marketing.

Social media platforms can be used as an opportunity for sales professionals to ask questions about their target markets, gather information about buyer personas and even request feedback from current customers. Sales professionals can then use the results of these conversations to inform better conversion strategies when interacting with prospects through social channels like LinkedIn or Twitter.


Sales technology can help you be more efficient with your time, and it’s a great way to build relationships with prospects who might not even know that they need your product.

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