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Manipulating 10 WhatsApp Accounts on one phone is easy! And it’s Free!

Manipulating 10 WhatsApp Accounts on one phone is easy! And it’s Free

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world with its user base tipping 1.5 bn and growing each day. WhatsApp allows you to connect with people from any corner of the world instantly. You can exchange images, videos, documents, contacts, live locations, and even connect through audio and video calls. 

WhatsApp is used as a personal space and is widely used by people to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues. But in recent times, businesses have come to see it as a viable channel to connect with their customers on a personal level.

10 WhatsApp Accounts Feature

WhatsApp is becoming more important in digital marketing nowadays. Many own more than one WhatsApp accounts for various purposes but usually are bound by the limitation of “one device one WhatsApp”. For example, A WhatsApp Influencer may need to interact with different types of contacts such as personal contacts, fans, teams, fellow influencers, clients, and big brands. Managing such a large contact list may not be possible using a single WhatsApp account.  It can be much easier maintaining separate accounts for each type of contact.  

Similarly for e-commerce businesses, maintaining separate accounts for each team, distributor, or business process can help in keeping the system organized and improve efficiency. Being able to manipulate multiple WhatsApp accounts upon the same device is vital for boosting productivity.  The bar is high but we made it possible. SocialEpoch enables you to log in to 10 WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on your mobile and it is completely free of charge!  

9 Power-packed Features of SocialEpoch

There are many more power-packed features that I bet will hit a value bomb on your business.

1. Data Synchronization

WhatsApp Data synchronization

We live in a fast-paced world where we cannot afford to lose time building a new contact list every time an account gets blocked. SocialEpoch allows users to immediately sync the data to another account in case one of the accounts gets blocked. Data synchronization also allows using the platform across multiple devices seamlessly.

2. Automate User Avatar

WhatsApp User Avatar

With SocialEpoch, you can create unique user avatars by assigning characteristic tags as per user behaviors and interests. This helpful feature allows admins to easily identify each user uniquely from the group and engage with them accordingly.

3. Smart chat-bot

WhatsApp Smart chatbot

From providing in-time customer care services, answering FAQs to getting user feedback, chat-bots form an important part of CRM. Using Socialepoch’s smart chat-bot you can give your customers supreme customer care and gain maximum retention and lifetime customer loyalty. WhatsApp chatbots can help businesses engage in personal one-to-one conversations and understand them better and provide a much better customer experience. 

You can use the smart chatbot to set the auto-reply from the admin console by using one or several keywords. Go to Auto-reply Settings, input your keywords relevant to the answer, choose the match type, input your auto-reply message content.

4. Smart Task Management

WhatsApp Task management

The best thing about SocialEpoch is that it is not just limited to just CRM  features but goes beyond that to provide corporate-level assistance as well. It allows smart task management where you can instantly import tasks, provide customized assignment requirements, achieve task distribution as well as reassignments. Through this, organizations can have a centralized system where they can create, manage and track their daily tasks. It brings more transparency into the system and helps them sync their daily activities with other business components. 

5. Visualized Data Board

 Visualized Data Board

In any organization, a lot of user data comes in on a daily basis. This data helps in user analytics, product, and marketing strategy planning. SocialEpoch helps in managing all the data and present in the form of visual data boards which makes it a lot easier for the management to monitor and analyze.

6. Account Activity Monitoring

Account Activity Monitoring

Since SocialEpoch allows multi-account login, it becomes necessary to keep a track of all activities going on in all the accounts to keep everyone on the same page. To tackle this problem, it provides activity logs that reflect all the latest activities and help team members avoid repeating the same tasks. Team managers can also use this feature to keep track of all activities of their team members and monitor the progress of the tasks assigned.

7. Keyword Detect and Alarm

Keyword Detect and Alarm

SocialEpoch has a unique keyword detection feature that identifies predefined keywords every time you receive a WhatsApp message from your customers. If the message requires immediate attention, it will raise an alarm and you can attend to the message immediately. This feature ensures that you do not have to check out each and every message manually and attend to only those messages that require your immediate action. For all other messages, you can use the auto-reply feature to ensure that no customer query is left unattended.

8. Multilingual Translator

Multilingual Translator

In your pursuit to take your business global, you will need to interact with international clients who speak their native languages. You can overcome the language barrier in such cases using SocialEpoch’s multilingual translator feature. This feature allows you to select the target language for your communication and gives you the choice of selecting the native language for your clients. 

Communicating with your client in their native language will help you gain a better response. You can also automatically translate all incoming messages to your preferred language and connect with all your international clients easily.

9. Data masking and Encryption

Data masking and Encryption

Organizations face a constant threat of being a victim of data leaks or losing all data due to data theft. With SocialEpoch, you can put such fears at rest because SocialEpoch provides data masking and end-to-end encryption which ensures that your data remains secure at all times. The masking and encryption security allow only the sender and the receiver to view the message. Other than that, no third party can view or track any of the WhatsApp data exchanged on the platform. 

Advantages of being a SocialEpoch User

Advantages of being a SocialEpoch User

SocialEpoch is a solution that is suitable for all kinds of businesses big and small. If you wish to be one of the users, here are the advantages you get:

1 . It’s free. SocialEpoch solution is absolutely free for its users. However, there are some features that are available on subscription. 

2. It’s fast. Setting up a SocialEpoch account takes less time than downloading any software. The entire setup process is simple and user-friendly.

3. It’s secure. You can always be sure that all your data and personal conversations are secure. Data synchronization and encryption mechanisms ensure that you never lose your data to anyone.

4. Allows multiple accounts simultaneously. You can use separate user accounts for your different business requirements or groups and keep all WhatsApp workplaces well organized. 

5. Traffic bypass. Considering that WhatsApp has stringent algorithms in place which keep track of all account activities and blocks those user accounts that it might find suspicious. SocialEpoch saves you from the risk of getting blocked by ensuring that no single account of yours gets a high influx which might trigger the algorithm. 

 Currently,  SocialEpoch is available for download on Windows for desktop versions and Androids for mobile versions. 

You can also check out video tutorials and User guides to get more insight into the product.