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8 Reasons To Carry Out Client Service Via WhatsApp

In today’s time, there will be hardly anyone who doesn’t know about WhatsApp if not using it. It is one of the most widely used personal messaging apps in the world and has over 1.6 bn users worldwide. 

With WhatsApp, you can communicate with just about anyone from any corner of the world. All you need is their number. From sharing your vacation pics with grandma to 3 AM. chat with your friend, WhatsApp is the go-to solution for real-time communications. But its application is not just limited to personal communications. The platform is being widely used in business as well as it allows businesses to connect through a platform that they are already available on. Take it one step further, businesses are also using WhatsApp to communicate with clients, and here are some of the reasons for this.

8 Reasons To Client Out Services via WhatsApp

WhatsApp finds its utility in every aspect of the sales funnel and proves to be an effective tool for client nurturing and customer services.

Here are 8 reasons why WhatsApp should  be used for client services:

1. It’s a free one-stop solution

For businesses, striving to balance efficiency and budget is a norm. WhatsApp is absolutely free for anyone to use. Using it in your business gives you a huge relief on your budget constraints while bringing efficiency to your daily processes.

By conducting client service via WhatsApp, you can share files, visual creatives, have group discussions, have video and audio conferences as well as share text messages among team members.

2. Its Secure

WhatsApp is one of the most secure end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms which ensures that your business communications are always safe. The encryption system prevents any third party to track or read your messages. WhatsApp uses strict anti-spam and anti-spy policies which adds an added layer of security and makes it a suitable choice for corporate use.

3. Personalized conversations

Email communications are time-consuming and getting client briefs or feedbacks can be painstakingly slow. Switching to WhatsApp, you can communicate with your clients in real-time and get their briefs and feedback instantly. This can bring efficiency and more clarity among teams and make the whole process a lot faster. By conducting client service via WhatsApp, you can have personalized conversations with a more relaxed tone with your clients and work towards building a strong bond.

4. Marketing and User analytics

WhatsApp can be used as a marketing tool to identify potential clients, nurture them and convert them into customers. Through WhatsApp, you can promote your products or services directly to people who might be interested and boost sales. 

WhatsApp with the help of third-party tools can be used to visualize user data analytics and get a clear picture of how the sales process is going.

5. On-the-go solution

Engaging with your teams and clients through WhatsApp allows you to carry out all day-to-day activities on your mobile phone. This means, you no longer have to be glued to your desk or your office. You can be just about anywhere and still make sure that your business operations run smoothly.

Another benefit of By conducting client service via WhatsApp is that now you can provide your client with 24×7 services and improve your business’s efficiency.

6. Data synchronization

Data synchronization

Customer data can be valuable for your business, and you can ensure that it always remains safe with WhatsApp. WhatsApp automatically backs up all your chats and data to its cloud server at regular intervals of time. This ensures that all your data will be safe even if your phone is destroyed or you switch to a new phone number.

You can easily retrieve all your data anytime you want.

WhatsApp also can be used across multiple devices as all its data is automatically synchronized. This gives you the freedom to work seamlessly from anywhere.

7. User persona

Food and Restaurant Industry: Buyer Persona

User personas are details of a customer which help businesses understand their requirements and improve customer experience. It is a very important part of the sales process. WhatsApp allows you to create customer personas for each contact. This can be really helpful as you no longer have to look up a separate database for customer personas each time you have a conversation with them. You can have all relevant information in one place.

8. Easy to extend customer service

WhatsApp proves to be an effective customer service tool as it allows two-way communication between businesses and customers. You can extend personalized services to your customers and engage in effective one-to-one conversation to understand their requirements and improve customer service. Customers there days feel more comfortable talking to businesses over WhatsApp than any other medium and makes it easier to trust those businesses that are available on WhatsApp.

Final words

Every single day, WhatsApp is pushing its roots deeper and can be seen as the future of digital marketing. WhatsApp ticks all the right boxes to make it a complete solution for small and medium businesses. However, for large businesses, its scalability can be a limitation that can be overcome using WhatsApp API-based tools such as SocialEpoch which can add more features to WhatsApp and make it suitable for use in sale and client services for large enterprises.