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Socialepoch: Send Instant Reply To Customers With Quick Reply Feature

If you run a business or handle thousands of customer queries on a daily basis, you must know how difficult it must be to always reply to every query or message. Each query is different and you cannot reply to each one of them individually. So, how can you ensure that every customer query is attended to immediately giving the response they expect.

There are only two ways to achieve this, either you attain Godly powers and get it done magically or you can use SocialEpoch’s quick reply feature to send pre-curated messages to customers instantly.

Since the former isn’t possible, you can achieve the latter with SocialEpoch’s Quick Reply. The quick reply feature allows you to reply to a message instantly and save your time and effort. But before we go ahead with its details, let’s first discuss why the feature is an absolute necessity for any business or organization.

Why SocialEpoch’s Quick Reply Feature Is A Necessity

For any business organization, a good customer experience can be a major contributing factor for long-term customer retention and establishing a strong relationship with them.

1. Timely Response

While there are several factors that add to their customer experience, timely responses and effective customer care make up a major part of it. You may provide the most effective response. But if you do not send it on time, it will have little value for customers. Similarly, if you send an instant response but the response does not hold any use for the customer, it will be a useless effort.

The quick reply feature allows you to provide useful responses in a timely manner, and make your customer service effective and improve customer experience.

2. Automating redundant tasks

Replying to similar messages to dozens of customers can be a monotonous job for a human and quickly turn mundane from him/her. The quick reply feature can help automate the process to some extent and help save a lot of time and effort for the organization while giving customers instant responses and great service.

3. Bringing consistency

It’s quite common in large organizations that multiple people share the same account for handling customer queries. By creating messages that can be used as a quick reply will ensure that there is consistency in tone and conversation style no matter who is using the account. 

How to Enable SocialEpoch Quick Reply Feature

The prerequisite for setting up a Quick Reply Feature on SocialEpoch is that you should have a licensed version of the SocialEpoch Admin console and SCRM API. Once you have these tools installed and set up here  is how you can set up the Quick reply feature:

Step 1:

Login to your WhatsApp SCRM API

Step 2:

Once you are logged in, go to the top right corner. There you will notice a “Quick Reply” tab. Click on it to start creating quick reply messages.

Step 3:

To create a new message click on ‘Add Category’

Step 4:

This will create a new message group with a random name. You can change the name any time you like

Step 5:

To change the group name, click the edit button which is the second button on the right side of the group name. Once you have changed the name, press ‘enter’. Like you can see, I have changed my group name to ‘Welcome’.


Step 6:

Next, you need to create a reply, and to do that, you simply have to click the “Add Reply” menu.

Step 7:

Once you click on it, you will see a form where you can fill all the ‘title’ for the reply and select the message group from the list. In this case, let’s select the one we just created i.e. ‘Welcome’.

Step 8:

Next, create your message and click on “Save”.

Step 9:

And with that, you have just created your first Quick-reply message. You can always view all your quick reply messages and edit them by going to the ‘Default Sort’ tab.

Step 10:

To send the message to a contact, you simply select the contact and click the send button or ‘copy’ to copy the message in your reply box to make any changes. 

You can also create multiple replies for the same message group  using the above steps. Here is an example.

How to Edit or Delete a Quick Reply Message

Editing or deleting a quick reply is as simple as creating one. 

How to edit a Quick Reply Group Name:

To edit a Quick reply group name, you simply select the ‘Edit’ icon against the group name and make the necessary changes. You can press enter key to save the changes. 

Editing Quick Reply Message:

To edit a Quick reply message, you need to click on ‘Default Sort’ tab to list all messages. Select the message you need to change and click the tree-dots to reveal the ‘Edit’ button. Next you can see the same Quick reply form that you used to create the message. Make necessary changes and click on ‘save’.

Deleting Quick Reply 

If you want to delete a Quick reply group, you can only do so, if there is no Quick reply message linked to it. If there are messages linked to a group, you will first have to delete the message individually by selecting the message you need to delete and click the tree-dots to reveal the ‘Delete’ button. 

Once you click the ‘Delete’ button, you will get a pop-up window asking for your confirmation for deleting the message. You click ‘Ok’ to delete the message.

Now that we have deleted the message, we can delete the group that it was linked to i.e ‘Welcome’.  To do that, go to the ‘GroupSort’ tab and select the group and click the delete icon.

Once you click the ‘delete’ icon, you will see the confirmation window where you need to confirm that you want to delete the particular group by clicking ‘Ok’.

And that’s how you can work around with SocialEpoch’s Quick Reply feature.

SocialEpoch is a WhatsApp API-based CRM tool that offers you numerous features allowing you to streamline operations and bring efficiency to your marketing and customer relationship processes. To learn more about it, you can explore our user guide or talk to marketing executives by clicking here.