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10 Use Cases Of WhatsApp Marketing In E-commerce Retail

10 Use Cases Of WhatsApp Marketing In E-commerce Retail

E-commerce marketing has undergone huge transformations, with new technologies replacing traditional marketing techniques every day.  As businesses are finding new and better ways to engage with their customers and social platforms have found a prominent place in e-commerce marketing. Social platforms have helped businesses reach out to a wider range of customers faster and explore markets beyond geographical boundaries. Read further to know about use cases of WhatsApp Marketing.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media apps and holds a special place in social media marketing. WhatsApp Marketing gives businesses the potential to reach out to a wide range of audiences quickly and is being adopted by widely used by businesses of all kinds.

10 Best Use Cases of WhatsApp Marketing

Businesses find different ways of including WhatsApp Marketing in their daily processes. Here are some of the popular use cases of WhatsApp Marketing in e-commerce.

1. Customer Acquisition

WhatsApp Marketing -Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is one of the primary roles of the sales process and includes finding potential leads and educating them about the product and converting leads into customers. WhatsApp Marketing helps businesses in finding potential leads by targeting customers based on their interests. 

Businesses can use the WhatsApp platform to interact with their customers on a personal level and offer them products and services as per their liking.

2. Personalize  user experiences

WhatsApp Marketing- personal experience

Through WhatsApp marketing, businesses can involve in personal interactions with their customers to know and understand them better. This can help them in knowing them better and offer them personalized experiences. Two-way interactions between customers and businesses allow businesses to provide more effective and personalized customer care services for their customers and build a strong brand image for themselves. 

3. Collect critical  user data

WhatsApp Marketing- user data

Customer data plays a vital role for businesses to know their customers better and improve their customer experience. WhatsApp marketing in the form of chatbots can help businesses capture critical data automatically from customers. These data can be further used to target customers according to their interests and build a strong relationship with them.

4. Cross-sell products

WhatsApp Marketing- cross sell

WhatsApp is a social platform and this opens avenues for businesses or individuals to up-sell or cross-sell products through personal networking.  Businesses can use this technique to take the load off their marketing team and use their customer base to build larger markets using personal recommendations and networking.

5. Seamless and secure transactions

WhatsApp Marketing- scure transaction

WhatsApp is a highly secure platform with end-to-end encryption. This provides businesses a secure platform for all their customer interactions and keeps all data absolutely safe. WhatsApp API can be used across multiple devices which makes WhatsApp marketing seamless. WhatsApp has a strict anti-spam policy and is absolutely ad-free which makes using the platform a pleasurable experience for both businesses and customers.

6. Instant Customer Feedback

WhatsApp Marketing- customer feedback

Customer feedback plays an important role in product/ service improvement, future sale planning, and improving customer experience. WhatsApp provides businesses the facility to get instant customer feedback and makes it convenient for them to work on their shortcomings.

7. Rich Real-Time Notifications

Rich Real-Time Notifications

Using WhatsApp API as a marketing tool, businesses can interact with their customers in real-time and involve in one-on-one interactions. They can also update their customers with the latest product updates, notifications and get real-time responses. This can speed up the entire sales process and help businesses plan their sales approach accordingly.

8. Real-time shipping updates and Delivery Tracking

 Real-time shipping updates and Delivery Tracking

WhatsApp API is studded with several features including live location sharing. This feature can particularly be useful for businesses in offering customers delivery tracking and real-time shipping details. WhatsApp API can take make the delivery process transparent and easy to manage for both business owners and customers. It also saves a lot of effort for the delivery agent in locating the shipping location and makes the delivery process faster.

9. Enroll customers in loyalty programs

Enroll customers in loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to reward customers for their purchases and ensure that they keep coming back for future purchases. But loyalty programs usually take extra effort from customers’ end to sign-up for and keep track of its benefits. Using WhatsApp marketing, businesses can provide customers an effortless medium to sign up for loyalty programs and constantly update them about balance, rewards earned, and offers they can avail against it. 

10. After-sales support

 After-sales support

A business’s responsibility does not end with selling a product. Post-sales support is an equally important aspect of a sales process and can make or break a businesses’ brand reputation.  Unlike traditional customer care practices, WhatsApp Business provides businesses a two-way communication channel that makes after-sales support fast, easy and effective. Now, businesses can share post-purchase installation guides, user manuals, or even provide customer support more efficiently and build a good customer rapport.

Use cases of WhatsApp Marketing do not end with the list mentioned above. The use of WhatsApp Marketing can be extended to several other aspects of e-commerce as well. Considering the impact that WhatsApp Marketing has created for businesses, there is no doubt, it can be considered as a future tool for all marketing operations. If you wish to improve your WhatsApp marketing capabilities through WhatsApp chatbots, multilingual support, multi-account login, and more such features,  learn more about WhatsApp SCRM here.