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WhatsApp Business: The New Age Of WhatsApp Based Customer Service

Have you ever had an issue with the product you bought and tried reaching out to customer care? If yes, then you must be aware of how annoying it is to call up a customer care number numerous times. And talking to a customer care executive and get your issue resolved can be a struggle. Customer care service is a very important part of any business, I n many cases, can be a major contributor to the brand reputation. 

For small businesses or early-stage startups, it can be quite challenging to provide a full-fledged customer support desk. WhatsApp Business comes to their rescue and provides them an easy way to communicate with their customers.

Why Customer Service is Important?

Many businesses focus entirely on selling their product or service and overlooks the importance of good customer service. While the reason behind doing so can be anything. From trying to avoid the additional cost in setting up customer service desks, or finding customer service a not so important aspect of their business. But the fact is that customer service is as important as the product itself and should not be seen otherwise. 

Customer service is an essential post-sale activity that lets customers share their experience and feedback with their businesses. For instances where the customers did not have a very good experience with the product, excellent customer care gives businesses the second chance to win back the trust and confidence of their customers.

Providing good customer service can be challenging for many. It requires setting up the infrastructure and getting significant manpower involved. As it comes heavily on the pockets, not every business can afford it. The second best option that businesses have is deploying chatbots to handle customer queries. But chatbots are pre-programmed to handle specific types of queries only and cannot be useful to every customer.

WhatsApp Business allows businesses to have a one-to-one interaction with their customers through their personal WhatsApp messenger. This helps brands in building trust among their customers and understand their needs better. With WhatsApp Business messenger, businesses no longer need to set up exclusive customer service desks. They can take care of all their marketing, branding, and customer services needs all in one place and save a lot on cost as well.

How to use WhatsApp Business as customer service?

WhatsApp Business is an easy tool and is suitable for all business types. There are two ways in which you can use WhatsApp Business as customer service for your business.

Website Chatbox: 

If you feel that your business is doing good on its own and you do not have an extensive need for WhatsApp Business. You can use it exclusively as a customer care tool for your website. All you need to do is implement the WhatsHelp widget button on your website. WhatsHelp widget lets you communicate with your website visitors using any of your social networking tools WhatsApp being one of them. 

While it will look like any other chatbot for your visitors, you can surprise them with personal greetings like “Hi, I am Stephan at your service. Is there anything I can help you with?” using your WhatsApp Business messenger. This will give your conversation a human touch and get your visitor involved in an interesting conversation.

WhatsApp Business Messenger:

WhatsApp Business app is a great tool for WhatsApp based customer care services. Packed with high-end features such as business profile, automated messages, quick reply, labels, and message statistics, WhatsApp Business makes interacting with a large customer base quite manageable.

When Integrated with Social CRM tools , WhatsApp Business can be used for interacting in multiple languages ​​for individual customers by selecting the recipient’s language for their messages. Now, that would definitely give your WhatsApp customer care an edge among your business competitors.

7 Good Etiquettes of WhatsApp Customer Service

WhatsApp is a personal communication space, and Whatsapp Customer Service requires a personal tone too. However, there are a few etiquettes to be followed for good customer service:

1. Make all your conversations sound human by adding your personal touch. Introduce yourself and address the other person with their name.

2. Make certain to end every discussion pleasantly even if the other person is being unruly. Shifting the conversation to a common point of interest or coming to an agreeable term can be a good practice.

3. Mirror the other individual’s style. Many times, speaking in a similar manner as the other person makes them more interested in the conversation. But you have to be careful as not everyone might take it well. 

4. Show genuine interest in the conversation and try to figure out the problem. Avoid fillers like “Hm”, “Ok”, “K” in the conversation.

5. Avoid monologues and don’t be the only one talking. You must hold your customer’s attention to the conversation and asking them frequent questions can help you do that. 

6. Never blame the customer. There can be instances where the customer is wrong, but it’s never wise to say it away on their face. It can piss them off and end the conversation on a bad note. Rather, focus on how the problem can be solved. 

7. Be a good listener. 

A good deed goes a long way so does good customer service. One good customer service can help you get several more customers, and a single bad experience gets you into trouble. So, what’s holding you back? Ensure that your customers get the best customer service by using WhatsApp Business for connecting with them. All you have to do is to download the app from Android PlayStore or IOs App Store