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10 Ways To Get Customers To Opt-In On WhatsApp Business

10 Ways To Get Customers To Opt-In On WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business has completely revolutionized the way businesses engage with their customers. WhatsApp Business allows businesses to filter out their audience and target only those who might be actually interested in their product or services. WhatsApp has a large user base of 1.5bn and a very high message open rate. This allows businesses to get maximum response from their customers and make their marketing approach more effective.

WhatsApp Business finds its use as an SCRM tool as well, where businesses can connect with their customers and hear out their grievances and provide personalized customer care. Though WhatsApp Business provides countless advantages for both businesses and customers, it cannot be imposed on customers without their will. Giving options for customers to opt-in and opt-out of this service at their will should be part of the approach. 

Why is Customer opt-in necessary for WhatsApp Business users?

Why is Customer opt-in necessary for WhatsApp Business users?

WhatsApp is a personal space and people use the platform to stay in touch with their family members, close friends, and colleagues. Invading their personal space with unsolicited business messages may not be a very wise idea. In many cases, businesses trying such an approach end up being reported by the recipient. Business accounts that have been reported against more than 5 to 12 times are usually blocked by WhatsApp. 

Businesses should aim to get customer’s consent before signing them up for WhatsApp notifications and updates. This negates the risk of getting blocked but customers. Moreover,  individuals who give their consent show a higher level of engagement with the brand. This helps businesses build a strong bond through time and gain better customer lifetime value. 

10 Ways You Can Get Customer Opt-ins for WhatsApp Business

Nowadays, customers expect more and more brands to be available on WhatsApp as it provides an easy medium for customers to communicate with businesses. Here are the most popular ways to get customers to opt-in for your WhatsApp Business services:

1. E-mails

Customers to opt-in: emails

With more and more people being active on emails, e-mail marketing plays a prominent role in distributing content organically.  Businesses can provide multiple  CTAs throughout the email for the recipient to easily opt-in for the service.   Mentioning what kind of updates they would be receiving through WhatsApp and how to opt-out of it can make this approach more appealing.

2. On your website

Customer to opt-in: website

Website is the place where you can share all important information about your business and products or services you offer. You can also share clickable CTAs for your visitors if they wish to sign-in for WhatsApp or share it as an option for customers to contact you. 

3. SMS

Customer to opt-in: sms

Sending clickable links through text messages with an intriguing message highlighting the benefits of opting in for WhatsApp updates can be a great technique for customers to opt-in for the service.

4. Social Media

Customer to opt-in: social media

Social media has an extensive reach and can be used for sending out WhatsApp invites to a large group of audience. Social media also allows you to target a specific group of people based on their interests making it an effective approach to getting maximum opt-ins.

5. In-person

Customer to opt-in: in person

Asking your customers to opt-in for WhatsApp Business updates at the check-out counter or during product counseling is again one of the popular techniques that you can use to get your customer’s consent.

6. Customer service call

Customer to opt-in: customer call

Every time a customer calls you for service, you can ask them to opt-in for WhatApp interactions. There is a 90% chance that the customer will opt-in for the service as it will make it easier for them to share their grievances and get an instant response from your team in its regard.

7. Messenger bot

Customers to opt-in: messenger bots

Most websites have AI-enabled messenger bots to help website visitors with their queries and provide appropriate assistance. These messenger bots can be programmed to announce the opportunity to have a human interaction through WhatsApp and get their consent for the same.

8. Ads that click to WhatsApp

Customers to opt-in: ad clicks

Another excellent technique for you to get your customers to opt-in is through intuitive ads in the form of website pop-ups or on social media ads. Several social media platforms allow you to publish ads for specific groups based on their interests, age, location, and more. This helps you to target your audience more specifically and reach out to those who are most likely to opt for the service. 

9. QR code

Customers to opt-in: QR code

QR  codes can be shared in the form of flyers or pamphlets. When a person scans this QR code, they can be redirected to a form where they need to share their mobile number and opt-in for WhatsApp updates. Though this approach seems minimalistic, it can prove to be highly effective. 

10. WhatsApp link generator

WhatsApp link generator

Another easy way for your customer to opt-in for WhatsApp Business updates is using the WhatsApp link generator feature. The WhatsApp link generator feature allows you to create a unique clickable link for your account using WhatsApp Business. You can share this link on all your social media platforms as well as send them across to people in the form of a text message. Your customers can click the link to join you directly on your  WhatsApp chatbox.

How to increase your customer opt-in rate

Customer opt-in: email

Now that you are aware of all the techniques to get customers to opt-in on WhatsApp Business, here a few points that should be followed to increase the opt-in rate:

  • Users should always be made aware of the option to opt-out anytime they like. They should never feel that they are signing up for something that they might regret later. 
  • The message being communicated to customers should be very clear in terms of its objective. It is very important to mention exactly what kind of updates or interactions they would be involved in once they sign up. It would also help if they are also educated about the importance of being on the platform. 
  • Businesses should honor their customers’ privacy or ‘do-not-disturb’ hours. Putting out these commitments in your opt-in forms can help you gain your customers’ trust and consent.
  • Share intriguing content highlighting the pain points of your customers who are not using this feature. This will help you to convince them with its advantages. 
  • Make sure that customers are given an easy-to-follow process for the opt-in, such as a clickable link or visual demonstrations. 

And with that, you have all the tips and techniques to get your customers to opt-in for your WhatsApp business notifications. Make sure to try all or at least a few of them to invite your customers to your chatbox. And while they are here, keep them engaged and entertained with fun games, activities, and giveaways. Use your WhatsApp account wisely so as not to get blocked by your clients or put them off!