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WhatsApp Marketing: Its Use, Components, And Advantages in Ecommerce

WhatsApp is the most popular marketing platform for businesses and for all the right reasons. While traditional marketing techniques such as email marketing have open rates of 15-25%, the most popular social media app Facebook has an open rate of 88%. WhatsApp is the only platform with an open-rate of up to 98%. Most people tend to open a message they receive on WhatsApp, making it a lucrative platform for most marketers to reach out to their potential customers.

WhatsApp marketing is the term used for branding and promoting a business through WhatsApp. WhatsApp has a diverse userbase which allows businesses to reach out to a wider range of audiences and establish a strong and personal bond with its users.

Uses of WhatsApp Marketing in E-commerce

WhatsApp marketing using WhatsApp Business can be a great tool to attract new users and keep your existing users hooked to your business. Here are ways in which WhatsApp marketing can be used in e-commerce:

1 . PROVIDING WhatsApp the Customer Service

WhatsApp customer service

WhatsApp marketing allows businesses to interact with their customers on a one-to-one basis and provide them with faster and efficient customer service. This also helps in building trust among customers and gain brand loyalty. 

2. Getting real-time feedback and reviews

Feedback through WhatsApp

Knowing what your customers feel about your product is the biggest advantage of marketing through WhatsApp. Real-time feedback through WhatsApp can help businesses serve their customers better and also get the opinion about future products and possible scope of improvement.

3. Using status feature for updates and news

WhatsApp status and News

Status feature in WhatsApp Business allows updating a large user base about the latest product launch or any other important piece of information effortlessly. Businesses can also share important business information such as opening hours, address, website, etc. making it easy for customers to reach out to them.

4. Focusing on user experience

User experience

WhatsApp Marketing helps in personalized user interactions for businesses. This helps them in understanding user needs in a more refined manner and can help in improving user experience to a whole new level.

5. Sending out personalized messages and updates

Personalized messages

Customers appreciate businesses that acknowledge them and participate in personal communications. With WhatsApp Business, businesses can send out personalized messages to each of their customers through a bulk messaging tool. While it doesn’t require much effort from the business’s end, it makes the customer feel special and usually stick around with the business longer. For e-commerce businesses, it also allows businesses to send personalized offers or discounts for individual customers.

Components of WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing components

WhatsApp marketing can be divided into three main components, with WhatsApp being the core interface:

  •  Business Website: The website is the first component of Whatsapp marketing and acts as a WhatsApp link generator(inbound link). Website is usually the first point of contact between business and customers and helps them generate organic leads. By redirecting these organic leads to your WhatsApp Business account, you can ensure higher conversions through customer service and personal interactions. 
  • WhatsApp Business: WhatsApp Business is the place where businesses get full attention from their customers. So, advertising, campaigning, or updating customers about anything related to their businesses becomes easy and highly effective. It’s also the place where customers and businesses can get to know each other better and establish a strong bond based on trust and understanding.  
  • Social Customer Relationship Management:  Social Customer Relationship Management or SCRM as we commonly know it, is an interface tool that integrates with WhatsApp Business. It provides additional tools and facilities to WhatsApp Business and simplifies the management and handling of a large customer base. 

Some of its key features are, having multiple admin profiles, updating hundreds of customer contact details to WhatsApp business account by importing it from an external source(excel sheets). Sending bulk messages, labels to contact lists, in-built language translator is some of the highlights of SCRM. You can find several SCRM tools available in the market such as WhatsHash and Salesforce which can help small and large businesses manage their day to fay CRM activities efficiently.

Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing

Everything you need to know

WhatsApp marketing has several advantages, especially in the e-commerce space. Here are a few of them.

1. WhatsApp marketing can be really useful for small businesses as they can showcase their entire product range in one go.

2. E-commerce platforms can provide personal customer service to their clients using WhatsApp marketing.

3. Managing a large userbase by labeling them under specified categories becomes easy.

4. WhatsApp marketing helps in reaching out to a more specific target and results in a higher conversion rate.

5. E-commerce businesses can grow their user base faster using WhatsApp marketing.

6. It is faster and more cost-efficient as compared to traditional marketing approaches.

WhatsApp marketing, its uses, and advantages are limitless for any business as new trends and approaches are continuously being updated. Small businesses in the e-commerce space are the major beneficiaries of this marketing approach, as it helps in easing out their biggest pain points ; finding more customers faster and in a cost-effective manner. If you too want to know more about to grow your business using WhatsApp Marketing or need more insight about Social CRM tools,   you can read about them on our website .