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WhatsApp Pink Malware: The Threat And How To Stay Safe From It

Lately, WhatsApp has been quite a talk of the town, and no, it’s not because of its privacy policies or feature updates. Instead,  it’s because WhatsApp has become a target of the malicious virus with the name WhatsApp Pink. 

WhatsApp Pink is a recently discovered malware that is being widely talked about across all social media platforms and news agencies. It is widely shared among a large number of users through a link across groups and makes the victim vulnerable to remote hacks, stealing of personal information and images, and even track what they type on their keyboard.

Here is everything you need to know about WhatsApp Pink malware.

What is WhatsApp Pink Malware?

The WhatsApp Pink is a malware that has been doing rounds among several WhatsApp users in India. It has recently caught the attention of Cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia who has claimed it to be a devious malware that can give infect your device and give complete control over it to hackers. 

As Mr. Rajshekhar claims, the malware promises to change the entire WhatsApp  UI to a pink theme and provide you with added WhatsApp features. But instead, it is an infected code that hacks the victim’s device on which it is installed and poses a serious threat to data.

How WhatsApp Pink Malware Works

The WhatsApp Pink Malware is not available on any Play Store or App Store. Instead, It’s an. .APK link which is shared through WhatsApp messages and is circulated among groups.

.APK which is an Android-based installation file promises the victim a complete pink theme as well as additional features once they click the link. Upon clicking the link, users are redirected to a website 

How WhatsApp Pink Malware Works

This page has a lucrative pink look and a download link. Once the victim downloads the .apk file on their device, they can see a pink WhatsApp icon on their screen. While most apps show it’s named along with the icon, the WhatsApp Pink  “app” does not show any name.  

Once the .apk is installed into your device, it gains complete control of your device. It can steal all your data and personal information such as passwords, images, bank details, and more.

Since the malware is circulated in the form of a .apk file, the malware has infected only android users so far. 

What WhatsApp versions are affected?

The new vulnerability has been detected in WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business for Android and can affect versions before the v2.21.4.18 update. For iOS users, the WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business for iOS apps before v2.21.32 has been affected.

Users who are updated to the latest WhatsApp versions on Android and iOS are safe from the vulnerabilities. To ensure users are safe from the newly discovered vulnerability, they can go to the Play Store or App Store and update to the latest versions immediately.

What are the Threats And Risks Involved?

1 . Hackers can gain full access to your phone and its data

2 . It can lock users out of their WhatsApp account or their phones itself

3 . It can be used to compromise your phone, steal data like contact details, photos, SMS, etc.

4 . Being a keyboard-based malware, it can track everything as you type. For example login credentials, messages, passwords.

5 . It can be used to capture bank details and passwords.

What to Do Once You Are Infected?

Even if you have installed the WhatsApp Pink .apk, there is nothing to panic about. You can follow the following steps to remove the malware from our device immediately:

Step 1: Unlink any devices that you have linked to WhatsApp Web devices and uninstall the application.

Step 2: Go to your browser settings and clear your browser cache.

Step 3: Check permissions of all the apps

Step 4: In case you find any suspicious permission to any app, uninstall it immediately.

In certain devices, the WhatsApp Pink app goes into hiding once it is installed. In such a case, it may not be possible to uninstall the app directly. For this, you need to go to ‘Settings’ of your device and search for the app manually to uninstall it.

5 Points On How To Avoid The WhatsApp Pink Malware

1 . Do not share any link with anyone unless you are absolutely sure about its origin or you are aware of what it will redirect you to.

2 . If you come across a WhatsApp feature from any source, make sure to confirm about the same from WhatsApp’s official website.

3 . Never click on random links shared in groups or by individuals on WhatsApp unless you are 100% sure it’s safe.

4 . Always keep an anti-virus and anti-malware tool handy and regular scans.

5 . Never to install any APK or mobile app other than those available on the official App store of Google or Apple.

Concluding Words

WhatsApp Pink is a third-party malware and is not related to WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, or WhatsApp Business API in any respect.  It’s a nefarious tool created to harm the image of WhatsApp and circulated through group chats and personal messages. By avoiding clicking any unknown link on WhatsApp, you can stay safe from such malware. WhatsApp is a safe and reliable platform and continues to be one of the most widely used instant messaging app in the world.