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WhatsApp SCRM’s Application in Influencer Marketing

Buyers in today’s time have become smarter. They are no longer buy brand advertisements but do deep analytics on price, value for money, usefulness, and similar factors before they make their buying decision. But one factor that majorly contributes to their buying decision is product recommendations from people they can trust also known as influencer marketing. It can be their friends, family, their favorite influencers. 

Influencer marketing is the latest digital marketing approach and helps brands connect with their audience through a popular social media creator who has the potential to influence the buying decisions for audiences. 

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a new trend in marketing in which brands reach out to their potential clients via social influencers. Social Influencers are people who have a large follower base and whose recommendations can help influence customers buying decisions. 

While customers need to see the product and its effectiveness before buying a product, brands need to gain their customer’s trust and build a dominant marketing position. Influencer marketing helps tick all the right boxes and helps brands build a strong user community.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing provides mutual benefits for both influencers as well as brands. While it provides sponsorships to influencers, brands benefit in the following ways:

1. Strong Credibility and Trust

Influencers build a relationship of trust and credibility with their fans. Their followers, love their content and trust their recommendations. By sharing an influencer’s recommendation, brands can gain attention and share their own message with actively engaged audiences.

2. Improve Brand Presence

Influencer marketing can help your brand gain a huge reach and improve your brand positioning. It not only brings focus to your product but also to your story, and your brand. 

3. Highly Focused and Relevant Audience

Finding relevant influencers to promote your product can help you instantly gain attention from potential customers who are already interested in your niche. This can help you focus on a specific audience base with the highest chance of conversions.

4. Add Value to Content Strategy

Sharing the contents of relevant influencers can give your marketing strategy a huge bump up. It gives you the right kind of attention from the right kind of audience. It also helps in filling up gaps in your content creation strategy and gives you a valuable piece of content to share through your social platforms. 

5. Provides Value to Target Audience

Influencers share content that is informative and valuable to their audiences. Relevant Influencer can help educate and create awareness about your product to those audiences that are already interested in your niche and require such products.

In turn, you can easily leverage their content to give value to your audience.

6. Drive Quicker Customer Acquisition

Influencer marketing helps in driving customer acquisition faster in two ways. First, the target audience is more focused and are usually shares the same niche as your product. Secondly, a direct recommendation from the influencer that they trust helps them in making buying decisions faster and results in more conversions. 

7. Build Beneficial Partnership

Connecting and engaging with an influencer can be the start of a powerful relationship.

Possible joint-ventures, live events, and other opportunities may be beneficial for both brands and influencers

How WhatsApp SCRM can be Applied to Influencer Marketing

WhatsApp SCRM is an important tool in managing a large customer base and providing satisfying customer care services.  WhatsApp SCRM allows businesses to connect with their audience on a platform that they are already on and establish a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding. Through WhatsApp SCRM, businesses can interact with customers on a personal level to understand them better and provide a supreme customer experience. For many, it helps in achieving high customer retention and long-term brand loyalty.

WhatsApp SCRM when applied to influencer marketing gives the best of both worlds. WhatsApp influencers have a more targeted audience. This is why they often use the likes of affiliate marketing, referral program, and personal product selling.

Here are 5 applications of WhatsApp SCRM in Influencer Marketing:

1. Influencer Visibility

Knowing just basic information about an influencer is not enough. You need to know their commonly used hashtags, their other affiliates, their technique of product recommendations, their receptive brands, and company mentions. You learn a lot about potential partners for your influencer marketing strategy when you have their social streams displayed in a convenient panel.

WhatsApp SCRM such as SocialEpoch can help you build user profiles mentioning all relevant information for each contact. This helps you in managing your influencer marketing profiles easily. 

2. Coordinating with Fellow Influencers

When working with multiple teams in marketing campaigns, there can be instances that more than one team may be interacting with the same influencer. Receiving overlapping messages from different teams may leave a negative impact on the influencer and it may even lead to losing the deal with the influencer. A simple solution to this problem is the activity log which keeps track of all recent activity going on among teams. The activity board of Social Epoch’s WhatsApp SCRM can help you keep coordination between teams and ensure smooth marketing campaigns.

3. Insights on Sentiments

 Insights on Sentiments

Social Influencers post a lot of content on social media each day. But it becomes quite impossible for any brand to keep track of all the content word by word. That when WhatsApp SCRM comes in handy. WhatsApp SCRM keyword-based based search feature can help you analyze the sentiments towards your brand and products. You can search for specific keywords or phrases used in conjunction with your brand and know who is saying what about it.

4. Finding influencers among customers

Your best influencer prospects may be right under your nose. Keep an eye on the social media streams of your current customer base. You can find your best advocate among your loyal clients. You already have an established business relationship so that you can approach them on a warm prospect basis. 

WhatsApp SCRM when you combined with influencer marketing, becomes a powerful strategy to connect with your audience on a personal level. WhatsApp SCRM can help you build natural relationships with the influencers, which can be mutually beneficial. Moreover, it can also help in generating potential gains when running a promotional campaign.