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WhatsApp SCRM: The Best Way to Carry Out Customer Service

WhatsApp SCRM: The Best Way to Carry Out Customer Service

Being the first thing we check when we wake up, to the last thing we use before we go to sleep, social media has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives.  An average spends about 2 hours 30 mins on social media every single day. Every individual is associated with social media in one way or the other. 

Social media in today’s era is not just a medium for personal networking and social engagement. Its wide and extensive use has made it a viable channel for business marketing and customer services, popularly known as Social Customer Relationship Management(SCRM).  SCRM is a part of the larger CRM family, which enables businesses to interact and engage with its audience through Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and other social platforms. Of these, WhatsApp as SCRM has been the most preferred choice for many businesses across the globe.

What is WhatsApp SCRM?

WhatsApp SCRM involves using WhatsApp messaging apps to understand and engage with customers, gain market insights, and provide better customer service through the platform. WhatsApp SCRM allows businesses to interact with their customers on a personal level and understand them more closely. 

Unlike traditional CRM, WhatsApp SCRM provides a dynamic channel through which brands can offer user-specific customer services, product notifications, promotional offers, and also involve in live interactions, all of which contribute to a strong business-customer relationship.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp SCRM?

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps and has more than 1.2 billion active users worldwide.  WhatsApp messages also have the highest open rate of 98% making it one of the best platforms for businesses to reach out to their customers. Here are some of the benefits of using WhatsApp as SCRM:

1. Immediate responses

Unlike any other medium, WhatsApp invokes instant responses and promises higher attention from its receiver. This can prove to be beneficial in the case of flash offers, service updations, or customer care services.

2. One-on-one interactions

 One of the biggest benefits of WhatsApp SCRM is that businesses and customers can have a personal one-on-one interaction. This allows businesses to understand their customers better and establish a strong personal bond.

3. Secure transactions

WhatsApp has a very strict anti-spam policy which makes the platform safe and secure for all personal as well as professional conversations.  Another benefit is that it provides its users a free and easy to use platform with no pop-up ads or malicious links and can be safely used for transactions as well.  

4. Labeling and customization 

Using WhatsApp SCRM, businesses can create a professional profile and customize it to match the theme of the brand. WhatsApp SCRM also allows creating unique labels for contacts making it easy to categorize them and identify them easily.

5. Improved customer lifetime value

Personal interactions can help businesses gather vital information about their customers’ buying behavior, preferences, preferred budget, and feedback. Based on these pieces of information, they can curate products, offers, and customer services that will help in retaining customers for a long period of time and improve customer’s lifetime value. 

Application Scenarios of WhatsApp SCRM

WhatsApp SCRM finds its application across multiple industries such as healthcare, education, real-estates, retail, e-commerce, and more.  Its application in these industries can be classified into 4 major scenarios. These are:

1. Pre-sale consultancy

The first step into selling a product or service is finding the target audience and making them aware of the product or service. WhatsApp SCRM makes this process simple. As a business, all you have to do is create a shareable link using the WhatsApp link generator and send it across to people. Those who are interested in your business can simply click on the link to join you for WhatsApp conversations and get all the necessary information regarding the product. 


2. Post-sale service

Once the customer has made a purchase, and face some issues with the service, WhatsApp SCRM can be used for providing end-to-end customer service. Brands can share their product tutorials, knowledge bases, shareFAQs, provide help over voice calls, or even offer refunds all using the same platform.


3. Sales fission

 Traditional sales fission through marketing is a very expensive approach wherein, brands randomly pitch their products to a large audience base. In this scenario, a lot of effort and money goes into the process, and only a small percentage of audiences actually gets converted into customers. With WhatsApp SCRM, you can target only those audiences that have shown interest in your product or service. This results in a higher conversion rate and at minimum cost.

4. Remarketing

Connecting with your customers personally lets you identify their tastes and likings. This makes remarketing relatively easy through WhatsApp SCRM. All you have to do is label your WhatsApp contacts or look up previous conversations to know which product they were interested in earlier, and pitch them again with similar products of their interest. 

What are the Core Features of WhatsApp SCRM?

What are the Core Features of WhatsApp SCRM?

WhatsApp SCRM has several core features that make it a robust marketing tool for all kinds of enterprises. Here are some of the key features:

a. Quick reply and keyword-based auto-reply

 When interacting with thousands of clients and customers, replying to each one for them personally can be challenging. With WhatsApp quick reply feature, you can frame pre-curated texts and send them to multiple people with just a click. You can also use the keyword-based auto-reply feature to easily identify similar messages and reply to all of them at once. WhatsApp SCRM does not limit the number of people on your contact list which means you can have more than 50k clients on your WhatsApp list and reply to all of them with just a click. 

b. Data synchronization

Losing your phone or deleting your account does not mean losing your valuable client data. WhatsApp SCRM has automated chat backups and data synchronization that keeps your chat records and all information safe at all times. Data synchronization also allows you to use your account across multiple devices seamlessly. 

c. Multilingual support

With WhatsApp SCRM, you can make your business global, thanks to its multilingual support. Using this feature, you can send messages to your clients in their native language. The multilingual support feature automatically converts a message into your preferred language. It also lets you select the language for the receiver when you send a message. This makes dealing and communicating with international clients from all around the globe easy.

d. Multiple WhatsApp account login

WhatsApp SCRM allows a user to use up to 5 WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. This can allow customer service people to use separate accounts based on their functionality or for various departments.  Large organizations and particularly find this feature useful as one individual may be dealing with several hierarchies or departments and managing them through a single portal can be easy to manage.

Which are the best WhatApp SCRM service providers?

Here are some of the best WhatsApp scrm service provider in the market

  1.  Salesforce: It is a cloud-based software company that offers relationship management services. It focuses mainly on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.  
  2. Sirena. app: Serina. app helps businesses engage with their customers through WhatsApp and bring their online and offline worlds together. 
  3. amoCRM: amoCRM is a multi-channel communication tool that lets you converse through messengers, emails, and calls from a single app and allows full automation of the sales process.  
  4. SocialEpoch: Social Epoch is a CRM integration software particularly built for business via WhatsApp that offers features like contact management, tags, sales funnel, polls, or build your e-commerce store on WhatsApp. It finds its application in industries such as e-commerce, retail, education,  public services, and automotive.
  5. WhatsHash: WhatsHash is a CRM tool that enables sales, support & marketing services through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp SCRM has completely transformed the way businesses carry out customer relationship services. Not only has it made the process extremely simple and transparent for businesses and customers, but it has also pushed businesses to explore the medium for personalized services, laser-precise marketing approaches, and building a strong relationship with its customers.