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Why Social Selling is Important and How to Do it on WhatsApp and Facebook?

Why Social Selling is Important and How to Do it on WhatsApp and Facebook?

Social selling has become the current buzzword. Knowing the huge capabilities of social media, social selling doesn’t surprise people anymore.

Social selling always works!

Social selling is a great B2C and B2B Sales Tool. Businesses that have opted for social selling generate 45% more sales than otherwise.

Moreover, businesses prioritizing social selling are 51% more likely to get their sales quotes.

Why is social selling important?

Do you want to know why social selling is important to practice? Then here we have some of the most convincing reasons you must consider here to understand social selling benefits.

So, here we go:

· Identification of your audience has become easier with social selling.

Social selling has made it easier to identify your target audience. The practice offers better opportunities to know your prospects on a personal level. Consequently, you can learn about their issues and concerns better and offer them better solutions.

· Improved sales engagement

Social selling can help you with improved sales engagement. About 90% of B2B decision-makers have stopped responding to cold calls. This makes social selling a game changer for your business. You can use the social selling approach to identify prospects already talking about your service, business, or products. You can identify and reach out to these people to better engage them with your business.

Above all, about 78% of businesses outperform using social selling than others.

· Social selling can help in improved customer service

Social selling offers you the best opportunities to engage your customers to retain them for longer. You can achieve this only by offering better customer service to them.

Social selling can keep you from making your customers feel avoided. It can make better customer experience decidedly easier. Moreover, this can also inform other people about the exemplary customer service you offer.

· Your team can build a positive relationship with the audience

Businesses no more rely on business events only to find and connect with their customers. Instead, they use social selling to find and nurture connections with their audience. This massive digital connection building has made social selling more important for businesses to grow.

· Converting prospects with social selling is easier

People are already using social media channels actively. Reaching where they already reside will make it easier for you to convert more prospects into customers. You can use effective social selling techniques on different platforms to improve your conversion rate dramatically.

Some other reasons why you should focus on social selling includes:

  • Social selling can offer better results to sales leaders
  • Social selling offers improved brand visibility
  • It can help you to increase your web traffic
  • Social selling helps in becoming a thought leader

So, now is the right time to learn how to do social selling on different platforms.

How do you do social selling on WhatsApp and Facebook?

How do you do social selling on WhatsApp and Facebook?

Social selling on WhatsApp and Instagram is more effective if you know how to do it accurately. You must learn how to reach your potential audience and the content type you should share. However, here in this guide, we will guide you on how to effectively do social selling on WhatsApp and Facebook.

So, here we go:

A guide to social selling on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is arguably the most commonly used messaging application worldwide. Above 2 billion people are using this application for regular communication. If you want to get the best social selling solutions, using WhatsApp can benefit you.

Although WhatsApp wasn’t considered one of the business marketing or social selling solutions first. However, now you can leverage the app to boost your sales, engagements, and revenue in the best possible way.

Here is a quick guide regarding how to start social selling on WhatsApp.

So, here we go:

Start social selling on WhatsApp

Here are the key steps you should follow to start social selling on WhatsApp:

  • First, download the WhatsApp business application to start the process. Fortunately, the application is available to use for free, just like the traditional version of WhatsApp.
  • Now verify your business contact number to create a business page on WhatsApp. Fill in the required information to create your business profile. The information more often includes:
  • Business name
  • Business description
  • Address
  • Website
  • Email, etc.

Don’t forget to add a profile picture here.

  • Set the opening hours for your business and curate greetings or welcome message.
  • Next, you need to advertise your WhatsApp number or account to ensure more people can find you easily.

After following the steps above, you are set to start social selling on WhatsApp. Don’t forget to use WhatsApp CRM to manage and quickly respond to your WhatsApp chats. The efficient WhatsApp SCRM by Social Epoch will ensure to serve each client on time.

SocialEpoch also offers a comprehensive WhatsApp Marketing kit. You can use this WhatsApp marketing kit to get everything you need to promote your business on WhatsApp.

Ways to boost your brand and sales on WhatsApp

Here we have some quick tips that you must consider to perform social selling on WhatsApp more effectively:

· Always prefer using your business contact number for WhatsApp selling

Before using WhatsApp for social selling, ensure a phone number and mobile dedicated to business use only. The practice is imperative to separate your business and personal life. Using a dedicated device and contact number will make it easier for you to stay in contact with your business.

This will keep you from unwanted disruptions while nurturing a positive relationship with your prospects.

Moreover, the practice will reduce the risk of sending your clients a message from a private number.

· Ask your customers about their phone numbers.

Without prospects’ contacts, social selling solutions on WhatsApp are useless. Therefore, asking for contact numbers from those interested in your business is imperative.

You can add a mobile number field to your registration form to get your prospects’ contacts.

Moreover, you can perform this on your landing page. This is where your prospects are signing up for a newsletter or any other communication channel.

Additionally, you can also create CTA on your website for quick WhatsApp support service.

· Use WhatsApp as social selling solution to elevate your customer service.

Offering WhatsApp customer service is a great way to elevate your social selling. WhatsApp will not only provide you with a more efficient way to improve your customer service. You can also ensure quick responses to your business-related queries.

You can also save answers to the most asked questions as templates for quick replies. Moreover, you can also label different contacts or conversations to categorize your users. This practice is effective in sorting and recognizing your audience more effectively.

· Create interesting content to share on WhatsApp

While creating messages for social selling on WhatsApp, you must stay clear, engaging, and concise. Short messages are more likely to engage your audience. Short WhatsApp messages aren’t only direct but can also ensure quicker CTAs.

Moreover, always use a mix of different content types to make your social selling efforts more compelling on WhatsApp. Send GIFs, videos, or images of your products to the prospects and see results.  

You can also add quality links to your WhatsApp messages to let your prospects learn more about your business.

· Prefer personalization while sending messages.

Sending messages that look copied can annoy your audience. Instead, you should send personalized messages to engage your audience better.

A guide to social selling on Facebook.

A guide to social selling on Facebook

Sales personnel are spoiled with choices when choosing the best platforms for social selling. Facebook is one of the most obvious social selling solutions here that we can’t ignore to talk about it.

About 1.5 billion regular users spend about 30 minutes of their time on Facebook daily. So, we can’t deny Facebook’s scope, size, and influence on social selling.

However, here we have a comprehensive guide on social selling on Facebook. You must consider the following:

· Create and sell on-page shops

Facebook shops are one of Facebook’s recently launched shopping tools that you can consider here. This feature allows startups and small businesses to build their shops and sell their products on Facebook directly.

You can also leverage your Facebook page shop by creating a dedicated shop section on your business page. Simply add your product catalog here to let visitors browse and make a purchase.

· Create engaging business content

Creating and sharing your business content on Facebook is a vital task to perform as a sales rep. You can share business milestones, news, and blog posts related to your industry.

Sharing content here is to engage your audience and improve your business visibility on Facebook. So, go accordingly.

· Get engaged with your audience.

Another effective tip here is to engage your prospects on your business page. The basic appeal of social selling solutions comes from their ability to create positive relationships with your audience. Anyone commenting on your posts or ads deserves a quick reply.

Whether someone has concerned about your services or wants to learn more about the products you offer. Giving quick responses to such comments personally will add peace of mind to the commenter.

Your replies must address their concerns and questions without overstepping the community manager’s boundaries.

· Participate in different Facebook groups related to your industry

Currently, social selling on Facebook takes place in different groups. Do you know why? The Facebook algorithm doesn’t shun Facebook group activity, for starters. Moreover, plenty of people are already asking your business-related questions and looking for the right solutions.

So, participating in your industry-related groups can offer you better opportunities to improve social selling on Facebook.

· Work hard to make a great first impression.

Your Facebook page is the very first thing people will notice after landing there. They usually see your profile photo, cover photo, reviews, engagements, etc. You must create a great business page to make a great first impression.

· Use conversational commerce to sell on Facebook messenger.

Conversational commerce is another important aspect to elevate your social selling efforts on Facebook. This is a practice when a customer and business connect through voice or chat assistance. The intention of this assistance is always to drive sales or generate a lead. Fortunately, you can practice this on Facebook with the help of messenger and convert more prospects into customers.

Don’ts of social selling on Facebook

Here are some don’ts of social selling on Facebook to practice:

  • Don’t simply start with a sales pitch. Even though your audience loves online shopping, most don’t like a sales pitch. So, never start your interaction with anyone directly with a sales pitch.
  • Don’t post content on Facebook without considering how it will impact your business. It is because using Facebook for social selling puts your brand’s reputation at stake.

What tools should you have in your sales stack?

Do you want to know the best Lead Generation and Sales Prospecting tool that you must have in your sales stack? Here we have enlisted the top-notch lead generation and sales prospecting tool you must consider.

So, here we go:


Martech is a great solution where marketing meets technology. FB SCRM by SocialEpoch offers RPA (Robotic process automation) Tool, a great Facebook marketing automation tool. You can use this Marketing Automation Tool to get more traffic from Facebook to your website. Moreover, the Facebook RPA tool (Robotic process automation Tool) is also an efficient solution to generate more quality leads.


On the other hand, SocialEpoch also offers WhatsApp SCRM as a great solution to ease your social selling on WhatsApp. It can help you in multiple ways, from lead management and Sales Engagement to task and pipeline management. Sales tech is a great sales tool that’s here to help sales reps to boost their productivity.

Moreover, this efficient Sales Management Software can help you drive more leads, improve coverage, and understand your prospects better.

Final Remarks:

Overall, social selling is a great approach for sales reps to laser target their prospects on different social channels. This guide has provided the best ways to do social selling on WhatsApp and Facebook. Fortunately, the guide will help you grow your business significantly using these effective techniques.

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