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Winning Customer Love with WhatsApp

Winning Customer Love with WhatsApp

With over 1.5 billion active users, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger apps across the world. Today there are plenty of businesses- small, medium, and large – that use WhatsApp to engage with their customers across the world, and they have seen a remarkable impact on their key business metrics.

Here is why WhatsApp Business is the future of customer communication strategy

1. The growth of conversational messaging 

Over the past few years, we have seen conversational messaging become the most preferred medium for personal day-to-day communication. Based on this unparalleled reach, engagement, brand preference, and customer preference, it makes sense that brands use this channel to engage with customers as well, similar to how brands adopted social media as a channel to engage with consumers. 

2. Customer Support through direct messaging

With the Whatsapp Business app, businesses can now interact with customers through a customer-initiated conversation that is free of charge within a 24-hour window. You can send personalized replies from a business perspective and essentially have a personalized conversation with your customer. This facilitates communication with customers through the channel they prefer and the channel where they spend the most amount of time. 

3. Proactive engagement to win customers 

The WhatsApp Business API allows proactive messaging to customers in the form of notifications and comes with a set of templated messages for instances such as an appointment reminder, delivery update, etc. It helps you deliver timely messages as your customers, reply to queries, and engage in an unobtrusive way.  

Notifications increase user engagement with critical purchase and account updates by reaching out to the opted-in customers with timely, important messages through templated notifications. You can also increase engagement with rich media messages and interactive buttons. Similar to sending messages, all notifications require customer consent, and companies can secure this consent through opt-ins via e-mail, website, app, etc.

4. Building customer loyalty and business growth

WhatsApp as a channel facilitates high-value communication as it is simple, reliable, and produces an increase in conversion rate. Companies can use this channel to build a relationship with their customers, offer discount or sale notifications, offer instant support, and tracking updates. If done right, customers will find the frictionless interaction enough of a reason to come back to your business, and recommend your business to their peer group as well!


If your business uses a helpdesk, then the SocialEpoch -Whatsapp integration works best for you. On the other hand, if your support strategy is message or chat driven. Take a look at how you can make more out of this helpdesk and chat WhatsApp integration.  

• Unified view of customer conversations

With a single, 360-degree view of customer conversations, your agents can easily navigate between channels and access contextual information to offer customers the best digital experience. 

• Scale faster with bots

Seamlessly set up bots to handle routine conversations as your queries increase and improve your resolution times. 

• Deploy within minutes

Integrate, launch, and sell within minutes using Social Epoch. It’s completely code-free and you can get started immediately. 

• Build trust with your customers

Confidently host your WhatsApp with SocialEpoch. We are among the few Facebook verified partners offering messaging software solutions.

• Protect your customers, always 

The 2-factor authentication sends one-time passwords securely to confirm delivery and protect customer accounts with Whatsapp’s built-in end to end encryption.

Don’t you think it is time for your business to mark the presence on WhatsApp? Head to SocialEpoch and let’s get you started.